What conference is alabama in


What colleges are in Alabama?

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of South Alabama, the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine feature the only medical schools in the state.

What are current events in Alabama?

The No. 1 Crimson Tide and No. 12 Rebels are set to face off in Tuscaloosa, and ahead of the matchup, former Alabama safety and current SEC Network analyst … “It’s going to be a high-scoring event. You don’t plan on saying, we don’t go into …

What do Alabama and Georgia have in common?

Alabama and Georgia are the dominant teams … don’t arrive in Atlanta undefeated than if they do. If the games themselves haven’t put into context just how much distance the Dawgs and Tide have put between themselves and the rest of the field …

What is a pre K conference?

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Who is in the SEC conference?

Ten of the thirteen founding members have remained in the conference since its inception: the University of Alabama, Auburn University, the University of Florida, the University of Georgia, the University of Kentucky, Louisiana State University (“LSU”), the University of Mississippi (“Ole Miss”), Mississippi State …

What conference is Alabama in USA?

The SECThe SEC was first formed in 1933 with ten members: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt. All ten schools are still members, representing a level of stability that is highly unusual among athletic conferences.

How many teams are in the SEC conference?

14 memberThe Southeastern Conference released its 2022 team-by-team football schedules on Tuesday. Dates for all games were assigned to the 14 member schools of the SEC. Below are 2022 schedules for each SEC team.

How many schools are in the SEC conference?

14 schoolsNov. 11, 2021, at 4:16 p.m. Many of the 14 schools that comprise the Southeastern Conference boast historically dominant athletic programs. According to the SEC, member institutions have claimed 251 total national championships across various sports since 1933.

What schools are in Conference USA?

Current membersInstitutionLocationEnrollmentMarshall UniversityHuntington, West Virginia13,204Middle Tennessee State UniversityMurfreesboro, Tennessee21,913University of North Carolina at CharlotteCharlotte, North Carolina30,146University of North TexasDenton, Texas42,37210 more rows

What conference is Alabama Birmingham in?

Conference USAUAB Blazers football / Conference

When did SEC split into East and West?

The SEC split into two divisions starting with the 1992 season. And over that time, numerous conference teams have had great years.

What is Alabama ranked in the SEC?

RankingsRKTEAMW-L1Alabama12-12Michigan12-13Georgia12-14Cincinnati13-021 more rows

Why did Georgia Tech leave the SEC?

Sewanee left the conference in 1940 as it de-emphasized athletics, Georgia Tech departed in 1964 and Tulane followed suit in 1966. Georgia Tech’s decision to leave the SEC centered around the SEC’s Rule 140, which limited the total number of scholarships in football and basketball to 140.

What is the hardest SEC school to get into?

1. Vanderbilt – As the conference’s only private university, Vanderbilt has the lowest acceptance rate in the SEC and the highest average SAT score (2230) and average ACT score (33).

What’s the easiest SEC school to get into?

Auburn: The little school on The Plains is statistically the easiest SEC school to gain admittance, as 83 percent of last year’s applicants were offered admission.

What is the largest SEC school?

What is the Largest SEC School?Texas A&M University, which has the biggest undergraduate student body, is the largest school in the SEC. … The Texas A&M Aggies are 766-491-48 all-time against all teams as of December 2021. … Vanderbilt University is the smallest and most selective school in the conference.More items…•

How many SEC championships does Alabama have?

Alabama captured its four Southern Conference titles in 1924, 1925, 1926, and 1930. Alabama captured the first SEC title in 1933 and has won a total of 28 SEC Championships (1933, 1934, 1937, 1945, 1953, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1989, 1992, 1999, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020). The school has won more SEC football titles than any other school, including nine since the conference split into separate divisions and added the Championship Game in 1992. Alabama is the only school to win an SEC Championship in every decade since the conference was founded in 1933.

Which state is Alabama’s most played rival?

Alabama’s most played rival is Mississippi State. The rivalry has been called the “Battle for Highway 82”, with the schools only 90 miles apart. Alabama won the most recent meeting 41–0 in Tuscaloosa, and leads the series 83–18–3 through the 2020 season.

What is the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn?

The main rivalry of the Crimson Tide is against its in-state rival, Auburn University; considered one of the top sporting rivalries in the US. The Alabama-Auburn game has come to be known as the Iron Bowl. The outcome of the game generally determines “bragging rights” in the state of Alabama until the following contest. The game may also have implications as to which team will represent the SEC Western Division in the SEC Championship Game .

How many seasons has Alabama won?

The program has 35 seasons with ten wins or more (plus one vacated) and has 44 bowl victories, both NCAA records. Alabama has completed eleven undefeated seasons, ten of which were perfect seasons. The Crimson Tide leads the SEC West Division with 15 division titles and 13 appearances in the SEC Championship Game.

What was the record for Alabama in 2009?

The 2009 team finished with a perfect 14–0 record, an all-time highest number of wins in a season for Alabama. 2011 – The 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide football team, coached by Nick Saban, completed the regular season 11–1. The only loss of the season was to LSU in overtime 9–6.

How many national championships does the Crimson Tide have?

The Crimson Tide is among the most storied and decorated football programs in NCAA history. Since beginning play in 1892, the program claims 18 national championships, including 13 wire-service ( AP or Coaches) national titles in the poll-era, and five other titles before the poll-era.

What division is Alabama Crimson Tide?

The team competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

What states are members of the Southern Conference?

Member institutions are located in the states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia . Established in 1921, the Southern Conference ranks as the fifth-oldest major college athletic conference in the United States, and either the third- or fourth-oldest in continuous operation, depending on definitions.

What is the Southern Conference?

The Southern Conference ( SoCon) is a collegiate athletic conference affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I. Southern Conference football teams compete in the Football Championship Subdivision …

When did the ASUN conference become an alliance?

Associate members. On January 9, 2014, the SoCon and Atlantic Sun Conference, now branded as the ASUN Conference, announced a new alliance in lacrosse that took effect with the 2014–15 school year (2015 lacrosse season).

When was the first year of competition for the Socon?

The first year of competition for the conference was in 1922 , effective January 1. The new rules banned freshman play. Later additions included Sewanee (1924), Virginia Military Institute (1924), and Duke (1929). The SoCon is particularly notable for having spawned two other major conferences.

When was the ACC men’s basketball tournament?

With the demise of the Division II West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in 2013, whose tournament had been continuously held since 1936, the next-oldest conference tournament in continuous existence is now the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament, first held in 1954.

Who won the first SoCon basketball tournament?

Held at the Municipal Auditorium in Atlanta from February 24 – March 2, 1922, the first meeting was won by North Carolina who defeated non-member Mercer in the Finals 40–25. The SoCon Basketball Tournament continues as the nation’s oldest conference tournament.

Does UNC Greensboro sponsor football?

UNC Greensboro does not sponsor football, while ETSU, which relaunched its previously dormant football program in 2015, rejoined SoCon football in 2016 after one season as an independent . The 10 members of the Southern Conference are: Institution. Location.



  • Georgia Bulldogs
    Q4 0:54
    B.Young pass INTERCEPTED at UGA 21. Intercepted by K.Ringo at UGA 21. K.Ringo for 79 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
    8 plays, 31 yds, 2:39
    32 – 18
  • Georgia Bulldogs
    Q4 3:33
    S.Bennett pass complete to BAMA 15. Catch made by B.Bowers at BAMA 15. Gain of 15 yards. B.Bowers for 15 yards, TOUCHDOWN. J.Podlesny extra point is good.
    7 plays, 62 yds, 3:37
    26 – 18
  • Georgia Bulldogs
    Q4 8:09
    S.Bennett pass complete to BAMA 40. Catch made by A.Mitchell at BAMA 40. Gain of 40 yards. A.Mitchell for 40 yards, TOUCHDOWN. PENALTY on BAMA-T.Smith, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, declined. TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. J.Cook rushed to BAMA 3 for yards. Tackled by D.Turner at BAMA 5. TWO-POINT ATTEMPT FAILS.
    4 plays, 75 yds, 2:05
    19 – 18
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
    Q4 10:14
    B.Young pass complete to UGA 3. Catch made by C.Latu at UGA 3. Gain of 3 yards. C.Latu for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN. TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. B.Young steps back to pass. S.Bennett sacked at UGA 6 for yards (N.Smith) TWO-POINT ATTEMPT FAILS.
    4 plays, 16 yds, 1:21
    13 – 18
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
    Q4 12:59
    Field Goal
    W.Reichard 21 yard field goal attempt is good, Center-BAMA, Holder-BAMA.
    10 plays, 72 yds, 3:21
    13 – 12
  • Georgia Bulldogs
    Q3 1:20
    Z.White rushed to BAMA End Zone for 1 yards. Z.White for 1 yards, TOUCHDOWN. J.Podlesny extra point is good.
    4 plays, 80 yds, 1:58
    13 – 9
  • Georgia Bulldogs
    Q2 3:09
    Field Goal
    J.Podlesny 49 yard field goal attempt is good, Center-UGA, Holder-UGA.
    9 plays, 34 yds, 3:58
    6 – 9
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
    Q2 7:07
    Field Goal
    W.Reichard 37 yard field goal attempt is good, Center-BAMA, Holder-BAMA.
    6 plays, 55 yds, 2:29
    3 – 9
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
    Q2 11:13
    Field Goal
    W.Reichard 45 yard field goal attempt is good, Center-BAMA, Holder-BAMA.
    5 plays, 47 yds, 1:22
    3 – 6
  • Georgia Bulldogs
    Q2 12:35
    Field Goal
    J.Podlesny 24 yard field goal attempt is good, Center-UGA, Holder-UGA.
    11 plays, 87 yds, 5:51
    3 – 3
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
    Q1 9:55
    Field Goal
    W.Reichard 37 yard field goal attempt is good, Center-BAMA, Holder-BAMA.
    14 plays, 56 yds, 5:05
    0 – 3
All times are Pacific Time



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Logo of the Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Bulldogs 80 141 60 81 W2

Logo of the Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky Wildcats 53 103 71 32 W4

Logo of the Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee Volunteers 44 76 53 23 L1

Logo of the South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina Gamecocks 35 76 62 14 W1

Logo of the Missouri Tigers

Missouri Tigers 35 67 52 15 L2

Logo of the Florida Gators

Florida Gators 26 67 53 14 L1

Logo of the Vanderbilt Commodores

Vanderbilt Commodores 08 210 16 14 L7

Logo of the Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama Crimson Tide 71 132 91 41 L1

Logo of the Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss Rebels 62 103 81 22 L1

Logo of the Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas Razorbacks 44 94 81 13 W2

Logo of the Texas A&M Aggies

Texas A&M Aggies 44 84 61 23 L1

Logo of the Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State Bulldogs 44 76 43 33 L2

Logo of the Auburn Tigers

Auburn Tigers 35 67 44 23 L5

Logo of the LSU Tigers

LSU Tigers 35 67 52 15 L1



Alabama Crimson Tide 13 2 .867 L1



Michigan Wolverines 12 2 .857 L1


Georgia Bulldogs 14 1 .933 W2



Cincinnati Bearcats 13 1 .929 L1


Notre Dame Fighting Irish 11 2 .846 L1



Ohio State Buckeyes 11 2 .846 W1



Baylor Bears 12 2 .857 W5



Ole Miss Rebels 10 3 .769 L1


Oklahoma State Cowboys 12 2 .857 W1



Michigan State Spartans 11 2 .846 W2



Utah Utes 10 4 .714 L1



Pittsburgh Panthers 11 3 .786 L1



Brigham Young Cougars 10 3 .769 L1



Oregon Ducks 10 4 .714 L2



Iowa Hawkeyes 10 4 .714 L2



Oklahoma Sooners 11 2 .846 W1



Wake Forest Demon Deacons 11 3 .786 W1



North Carolina State Wolfpack 9 3 .750 W2


Clemson Tigers 10 3 .769 W6



Houston Cougars 12 2 .857 W1



Arkansas Razorbacks 9 4 .692 W2



Kentucky Wildcats 10 3 .769 W4



Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns 13 1 .929 W13



San Diego State Aztecs 12 2 .857 W1



Texas A&M Aggies 8 4 .667 L1



Jacoby Boykins

Jacoby Boykins WR 5’11” 182

Traeshon Holden

Traeshon Holden WR 6’3″ 208

Shatarius Williams

Shatarius Williams WR 6’3″ 187

Jaeden Roberts

Jaeden Roberts OL 6’5″ 328

Christian Leary

Christian Leary WR 5’10” 185

Cameron Latu

Cameron Latu TE 6’5″ 250

Roydell Williams

Roydell Williams RB 5’10” 210

Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson WR 5’9″ 184

Jackson Roby

Jackson Roby OL 6’5″ 285

JoJo Earle

JoJo Earle WR 5’10” 170

Bret Bolin

Bret Bolin WR 6’0″ 176

Emmanuel Henderson

Emmanuel Henderson RB 6’1″ 185

Jase McClellan

Jase McClellan RB 5’11” 212

Greg Carroll

Greg Carroll WR 6’0″ 171

Damieon George

Damieon George OL 6’6″ 345

Isaiah Bond

Isaiah Bond WR 5’11” 175

Adam Thorsland

Adam Thorsland TE 6’5″ 232

Tanner Bowles

Tanner Bowles OL 6’5″ 293

Amari Kight

Amari Kight OL 6’7″ 318

Tyler Steen

Tyler Steen OL 6’5″ 317

Kendall Randolph

Kendall Randolph OL 6’4″ 298

Braxton Barker

Braxton Barker QB 6’1″ 202

Bryce Young

Bryce Young QB 6’0″ 194

Thaiu Jones-Bell

Thaiu Jones-Bell WR 6’0″ 190

Kendrick Law

Kendrick Law WR 5’11” 193

Seth McLaughlin

Seth McLaughlin OL 6’4″ 280

Kobe Prentice

Kobe Prentice WR 5’10” 171

Emil Ekiyor

Emil Ekiyor OL 6’3″ 324

Tyler Booker

Tyler Booker OL 6’5″ 332

Robbie Ouzts

Robbie Ouzts TE 6’4″ 260

Chris Herren

Chris Herren WR 6’3″ 175

Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett RB 5’8″ 178

James Brockermeyer

James Brockermeyer OL 6’3″ 270

Shazz Preston

Shazz Preston WR 6’0″ 190

Charlie Skehan

Charlie Skehan TE 6’1″ 232

Terrence Ferguson

Terrence Ferguson OL 6’4″ 290

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis TE 6’0″ 220

Jahmyr Gibbs

Jahmyr Gibbs RB 5’11” 200

Elijah Brown

Elijah Brown TE 6’5″ 238

Danny Lewis

Danny Lewis TE 6’4″ 255

Sam Willoughby

Sam Willoughby WR 5’10” 165

JC Latham

JC Latham OL 6’6″ 325

Elijah Pritchett

Elijah Pritchett OL 6’6″ 300

Alajujuan Sparks

Alajujuan Sparks OL 6’4″ 345

Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt TE 6’7″ 235

Elijah Crockett

Elijah Crockett RB 5’11” 210

Jalen Milroe

Jalen Milroe QB 6’2″ 212

Tommy Brockermeyer

Tommy Brockermeyer OL 6’5″ 292

Jamarion Miller

Jamarion Miller RB 5’10” 201

Ja'Corey Brooks

Ja’Corey Brooks WR 6’2″ 190

Austin Owens

Austin Owens RB 6’1″ 175

Jermaine Burton

Jermaine Burton WR 6’0″ 200

Trey Sanders

Trey Sanders RB 6’0″ 214

Darrian Dalcourt

Darrian Dalcourt OL 6’3″ 300

Ty Simpson

Ty Simpson QB 6’2″ 198

Javion Cohen

Javion Cohen OL 6’4″ 305

Donovan Hardin

Donovan Hardin OL 6’3″ 285

Grant Krieger

Grant Krieger WR 6’2″ 192

Graham Roten

Graham Roten OL 6’3″ 285

Major Tennison

Major Tennison TE 6’5″ 252


The Alabama Crimson Tide football program represents the University of Alabama (variously Alabama, UA, or Bama) in the sport of American football. The team competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The team’s head coach is Nick Saban, who has led the Tide t…


Alabama has had 28 head coaches since organized football began in 1892. Adopting the nickname “Crimson Tide” after the 1907 season, 12 coaches have led the Crimson Tide in postseason bowl games: Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Harold D. “Red” Drew, Bear Bryant, Ray Perkins, Bill Curry, Gene Stallings, Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Shula, Joe Kines, and Nick Saban. Eight of tho…

Individual accomplishments

Every year, several publications release lists of their ideal “team”. The athletes on these lists are referred to as All-Americans. The NCAA recognizes five All-American lists. They are the Associated Press (AP), American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), Sporting News (TSN), and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF). Alabama has h…


The main rivalry of the Crimson Tide is against its in-state rival, Auburn University; considered one of the top sporting rivalries in the US. The Alabama-Auburn game has come to be known as the Iron Bowl. The outcome of the game generally determines “bragging rights” in the state of Alabama until the following contest. The game may also have implications as to which team will represen…

Alabama and the NFL

Eight former Alabama football players have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the fourth most among all colleges.
• Christopher Allen, LB – Denver Broncos
• Jonathan Allen, DT – Washington Commanders
• Anthony Averett, CB – Las Vegas Raiders


During the football season, the Crimson Tide Sports Network (CTSN) broadcasts multiple shows on gameday for most sports. The network includes more than 60 radio stations across the country. Radio stations WFFN-FM, WTSK-AM as a backup, broadcast all home games in the Tuscaloosa area.
Football radio broadcasts begin three hours prior to the game’s designated kic…

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Further reading

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