What conference is ohio state in


What conference does the Ohio University play in?

The team plays in the Mid-American Conference, which is comprised of schools in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, New York and Kentucky. Over the years, the Bobcats team has experienced success in the conference, winning multiple conference regular season and tournament titles.

What to bring to Ohio State?

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What is Ohio State football schedule?

Ohio State’s spring football game has been scheduled for April 16. The date for the annual intrasquad scrimmage at Ohio Stadium was included as part of registration information for the Buckeyes’ coaches clinic that will be held over the preceding days.

What state is between Ohio and illoinois?

The best city between Ohio and Illinois to meet is Indianapolis, Indianawhich is about 21 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Greenfield, Indiana. The closest zip code to the midpoint is 46140. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 39° 49′ 15″ Nand 85° 46′ 23″ W.


What division is Ohio State in?

NCAA Division I Football Bowl SubdivisionOhio State Buckeyes football / DivisionThe NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly known as Division I-A, is the highest level of college football in the United States. The FBS consists of the largest schools in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As of 2022, there are 10 conferences and 131 schools in FBS. Wikipedia

Is Ohio State an SEC team?

Nine times in 30 years, Ohio State has played an SEC team in a bowl game, and nine times they have lost. Could it happen again in 2008? It’s possible if the Bucks lose to Penn State. They could be heading to the Capital One bowl to play a top tier SEC team.

How many teams are in the Big Ten Conference?

14Big Ten Conference / Number of teams

Is Ohio State an ACC?

Ohio State will be playing an ACC team in a home-and-home series that will start in 13 years.

Is OSU going to the SEC?

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has said what he wants to say about Big 12 Conference realignment, attributing the Texas and Oklahoma move to the SEC as “business as business.” And his players are not concerned about how it may affect things moving forward, Gundy says.

Is Ohio State trying to join the SEC?

Reports are surfacing that some of the nation’s biggest football programs are also trying to join the SEC. Programs like Ohio State, Florida State, Michigan and Clemson have been in contact with the SEC, according to reports.

What is the smallest Big 10 school?

Northwestern UniversityUndergraduate Enrollment: Northwestern University is obviously the smallest of the schools in the Big Ten while The Ohio State University is the largest.

Why is it called Big Ten?

The conference uses the “B1G” character combination in its branding, noting that it “allows fans to see ‘BIG’ and ’10’ in a single word.” Big Ten member institutions are predominantly major flagship research universities that have large financial endowments and are well-regarded academically.

What are the 14 teams in the Big 10?

With the 2014 conference expansion, the divisions were realigned and renamed East and West. The East features Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, and Rutgers, while the West comprises Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

Is Ohio State in the Pac 12?

Ohio State has played all 12 members of the current Pac-12 but technically have never faced Utah as a member of the Pac-12.

Who is in the Pac 12?

The Pac-12 North includes Oregon State, Oregon, Stanford, Washington State, Washington, and Cal-Berkeley. The Pac-12 South teams are Arizona State, Arizona, UCLA, USC, Colorado, and Utah. Four additional schools compete in Pac-12 competitions for certain sports as affiliate universities.

What conference is Ohio State in basketball?

NCAA Big Ten Conference Men’s BasketballOhio State Buckeyes men’s basketball / Conference

Where is the Ohio State-Denison Conference?

It takes place over a spring weekend on the beautiful Denison University campus in Granville, Ohio, 30 miles east of Columbus. The conference consists of three parallel sessions in combinatorics, group theory and ring theory. The conference is partially funded by the Mathematical Research Institute. Recent conferences in this series:

What is MRI conference?

MRI Conferences. The Mathematics Research Institute provides financial support for conferences and workshops held at The Ohio State University which involve faculty and students from the Mathematics Department.

What division is Ohio State football?

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team competes as part of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, representing Ohio State University in the East Division of the Big Ten Conference. Ohio State has played their home games at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio since 1922. The Buckeyes are recognized by the university and NCAA as having won eight …

What was Ohio State’s first rival?

Ohio State’s very first rival was Kenyon College, a small liberal arts college in Gambier, roughly 50 miles to the northeast. The Buckeyes first played them in their first season in 1890 on Nov 27, Kenyon won the first two meetings; however, Ohio State won 15 in a row and the rivalry diminished.

What year did Chic Harley join the Western Conference?

In 1912 football underwent a number of developments that included joining the Western Conference, making football as part of a new Department of Athletics, and hiring Lynn W. St. John to be athletic director . Chic Harley attended East High in Columbus and was one of the greatest players to attend an Ohio high school.

How many championships did the Buckeyes win?

The Buckeyes won two conference championships while members of the OAC and in 1912 became members of the Big Ten Conference. Ohio State won their first national championship in 1942 under head coach Paul Brown.

Why did Ohio State cancel the 2010 football season?

On July 8, 2011, Ohio State University decided to vacate all victories from the 2010 football season as self-imposed punishment for major NCAA violations. Former coach Jim Tressel received more than $52,000 from the university and won’t have to pay a $250,000 fine for his involvement in the scandal. His status is also changed from ‘Resigned’ to “Retired” in keeping with his wishes to “remain a Buckeye for life.” Ohio State named Luke Fickell interim head coach for the 2011 season following Tressel’s resignation, and Fickell coached the 2011 Buckeyes to a 6–7 record; going 6–6 in the regular season and losing in the Gator Bowl to Florida.

When was football first played at OSU?

On the site of the first OSU game, on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, on May 3 , 1890, the Delaware County Historical Society has set an historical marker.

When was the first Ohio State game?

The first Ohio State game was a 20–14 victory over Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, on May 3, 1890. The team was a football independent from 1890 to 1901 before joining the Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC) as a charter member in 1902.

Which conference has the most basketball arenas?

The Big Ten Conference has the most on-campus basketball arenas with seating capacities of 15,000 or more of any other conference in the country.

Where is the Big 10 Conference located?

It is based in Rosemont, Illinois. For over eight decades this conference consisted of ten universities, and presently has 14 member and two affiliate institutions.

How many times has Purdue won the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament?

Purdue is the only current Big Ten member to have won the NCAA women’s basketball national title while a member of the conference. Both schools that joined in 2014, Maryland and Rutgers, won national titles before joining the Big Ten—Rutgers won the final AIAW championship in 1982, when it was a member of the Eastern 8, and Maryland won the NCAA title in 2006 as a member of the ACC. Big Ten women’s basketball led conference attendance from 1993 to 1999.

When did Penn State join the Big Ten?

When Penn State joined in 1990, it was decided the conference would continue to be called the Big Ten, but its logo was modified to reflect the change; the number 11 was disguised in the negative space of the traditionally blue “Big Ten” lettering. Missouri showed interest in Big Ten membership after Penn State joined.

Who was the first NCAA champion?

Ohio State played in the first NCAA tournament national championship game in 1939, losing to Oregon. Despite this, Jimmy Hull of Ohio State was the first NCAA tournament MVP. The first three tournament MVPs came from the Big Ten (Marv Huffman of Indiana in 1940 and John Katz of Wisconsin in 1941).

What teams are in the Big 10?

The Big Ten lacrosse league includes Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, and Johns Hopkins, which joined the Big Ten conference as an affiliate member in 2014. The teams that compete in Big Ten men’s lacrosse have combined to win 12 NCAA national championships.



The Ohio State Buckeyes football team competes as part of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, representing Ohio State University in the East Division of the Big Ten Conference. Ohio State has played their home games at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio since 1922. The Buckeyes are recognized by the university and NCAA as having won eight national championships along with 4…


After early attempts at forming a team in 1886 (led by future Nebraska governor Chester Hardy Aldrich) and 1887, football was ultimately established at the university in 1890. On the site of the first OSU game, on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, on May 3, 1890, the Delaware County Historical Society has set an historical marker.

Home venues

• Recreation Park (1890–1897)
• Ohio Field (1898–1921)
• Ohio Stadium (1922–present)
The Ohio State University Marching Band is the most visible and possibly best …


Ohio State’s first game with Michigan dates to 1897. Michigan leads the series 59–51–6 through the 2021 season.
The series versus Illinois began in 1902 and became the longest continuous series in 2002 when the schools played in their 89th consecutive year. In 2007, Ohio State was given their only defeat of the regular season by the Illini. Through the 2019 season, Ohio State leads the series 68–30–4.

Individual awards and achievements

Through the 2006 season, Ohio State players have by a significant margin won more trophies than any other NCAA Division 1A program. Ohio State players have won 34 of the listed major awards, with the next closest being 26 (Oklahoma). Ohio State is the only university to have received each of the awards at least once. Of the five awards created prior to 1980 (Heisman, Lombardi, Maxwell, Outland, and Walter Camp), Ohio State has received the most with 25 (Notre Dame foll…

Academic awards and achievements

• 1992: Randy Gradishar
• 2003: Craig Krenzel (QB)
• 1995 Bobby Hoying
• 2003 Craig Krenzel
• 1965 Willard Sander


The Buckeyes are covered on the radio by the Ohio State Sports Network, operated by Learfield IMG College. WBNS/Columbus (1460 AM) and sister station WBNS-FM/Columbus (97.1 FM) serve as flagship stations, with more than 60 affiliates in Ohio, and two additional affiliates in West Virginia. Paul Keels is the play-by-play announcer, while former Buckeye left guard Jim Lachey serves as color analyst. They are joined by sideline reporter Matt Andrews and Skip Mosic, host …

Fan base

In 2011, a study conducted by Nate Silver of the New York Times determined that Ohio State had the most fans of any college football team.

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