What conference is west virginia mountaineers in


What conference is West Virginia going to?

Big 12 ConferenceWest Virginia Mountaineers footballField surfaceFieldTurfLocationMorgantown, West VirginiaNCAA divisionDivision I FBSConferenceBig 12 Conference21 more rows

What division is West Virginia in?

NCAA Division I Football Bowl SubdivisionWest Virginia Mountaineers football / DivisionThe NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly known as Division I-A, is the highest level of college football in the United States. The FBS consists of the largest schools in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As of 2022, there are 10 conferences and 131 schools in FBS. Wikipedia

Is WVU going to the ACC conference?

Both schools were officially invited and have accepted conference affiliation which is set to begin in 2025. The loss of Oklahoma and Texas is certainly a huge blow for the Big 12 who will be left behind with just eight members.

Is West Virginia in the ACC?

4:276:02West Virginia to ACC in 2025? – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo we are still in a wait and see period as far as when west virginia will go to the acc westMoreSo we are still in a wait and see period as far as when west virginia will go to the acc west virginia is going to the acc. My personal guess is west virginia will be an official acc member in 2025.

Why is WVU not in the ACC?

When the Big East began to crumble roughly a decade ago, West Virginia attempted to get into both the ACC and SEC but was denied entrance due to not being in a large TV market and not being a member of the AAU. Eventually, the Big 12 Conference agreed to bring on West Virginia but it never felt right.

Does the ACC want WVU?

Lyons went on to say, “Right now there is no interest from the ACC to add West Virginia and there have been no talks whatsoever. We’ve been a solid member of the Big 12 Conference and that’s where we intend to stay.”

Is WVU leaving Big 12?

The Mountaineers’ share of revenue from its current league, the Big East, is expected to be in the $9 million range and that will be withheld as per the $20 million deal cut to allow WVU to leave the conference and join the Big 12 after June 30.

Who is in Big East Conference?

Big East Conference, American collegiate athletic association that consists of Butler, Creighton, DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Villanova, and Xavier universities and Providence College.

How many NCAA finals did West Virginia have?

West Virginia men’s basketball has competed in three basketball championship final matches: the 1959 NCAA final, the 1942 NIT final (at that time, the NIT was considered more prestigious than the NCAA), and the 2007 NIT Championship. They lost 71–70 to California in the 1959 NCAA finals, while the Mountaineers won the 1942 NIT Championship 47–45 …

Who did the Mountaineers beat in the Kentucky Invitational?

The Mountaineers began the season with a #8 ranking, as they earned defeats over Penn State, #19 Richmond, and a 77–70 victory over #5 Kentucky in the Kentucky Invitational Tournament. The following game, the Mountaineers upset the #1-ranked nationally North Carolina, 75–65, to win the Kentucky Tourney.

What year did West Virginia upset Notre Dame?

February 19, 1977, West Virginia’s 81–68 upset of the #17 Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who were led by Digger Phelps. March 2, 1978, West Virginia upset the #1-seed Rutgers 81–74 in Pittsburgh, with help from sophomore Lowes Moore.

What was the record of the Mountaineers in 1960?

In the 1960 season following their NCAA Tournament Championship loss, West led the Mountaineers to a 26–5 record as a senior. The team posted eight straight wins before being ranked, including victories over Tennessee, Richmond, and Kentucky to win the Kentucky Invitational Tournament.

How long did Penn State and WVU play?

The series was played twice annually from the 1982–83 to 1990–91 seasons, as both schools were in the Atlantic 10 Conference then. WVU leads the series 66–53 .

What was the West Virginia junior record in 1959?

West in 1959. The following season, West’s junior season at West Virginia, the squad posted a 29–5 record with another undefeated conference record, 11–0. The squad’s highest ranking of the season was at a #4 ranking after a Penn State victory in the third game of the season.

What was the Mountaineers’ record in 1956?

The following season, 1956, the Mountaineers posted a 21–9 record in Hundley’s junior season, which was his best statistically. The team began the season with a #14 ranking, however lost consecutively to #13 George Washington University and #2 North Carolina State, dropping them out of the rankings.

Planning for the future

Lyons and other leaders at Big 12 schools continue to report that they are committed to the conference, despite speculation about future realignment. The West Virginia athletic director believes that while that is true now, things can change quickly.

Pressure from ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 alliance

Other conference commissioners and school leaders have continued to feed the flames. In a cryptic response to questions from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff said he spoke with “probably all of the [schools] you would expect and several you’d be surprised by.”

Who is the head basketball coach of West Virginia?

For the first time in months, West Virginia men’s head basketball coach Bob Huggins met with the media to discuss a variety of topics. Among those that were discussed were the pending decisions of guard Miles McBride and Sean McNeil.

How many games has Bob Huggins won?

Wins don’t come easy in college basketball. Fortunately for WVU, they have a guy in Bob Huggins who has won 903 games over 39+ years. He knows what it

Does West Virginia University have a walk-on guard?

The West Virginia University basketball program has both of their walk-on guards enter the NCAA Transfer Portal. Earlier in the week, it was reported that West Virginia sophomore Spencer Macke entered the portal.

Big East roots

Coming off of a dominant stretch in the Big East Conference, West Virginia made a business decision to join the Big 12. The Mountaineers would soon find out what the term “Power Five Conference” meant.

New life in the Big 12

In the Mountaineers’ inaugural season in the Big 12, they would finish with a record of 7-6, the first time the program won less than eight games in a season in over a decade. West Virginia fans would get used to these results, as the Mountaineers would finish 4-8 in their second season before returning to 7-6 in their third.

The struggle to belong

Following the Mountaineers’ 8-5 season in 2015, WVU football would have their best season in the Big 12 in 2016. The Mountaineers would go 10-2 in the regular season, good enough to come in third place in the conference.

New era

In 2019 current WVU football head coach Neal Brown would take over in Morgantown. Brown had tremendous success with the Troy Trojans and was now ready to try his hand in a major conference.

Tough call

After Texas and Oklahoma announced that they would be leaving the Big 12, the entire conference threw itself into a panic. With the two biggest recruiting and money-making teams in the Big 12 leaving for the SEC, the remaining teams will now have a tough decision to make.

4 (Times) 16 (Equals) 64

I’ve long been a proponent of 128 teams in Division 1 (FBS), 8 conferences, 16 teams each. Each conference holds a conference championship game and the 8 winners make the playoffs. That is your 16-team college football playoff. The problem is that there are currently 130 teams. That means two teams would be relegated to FCS. Now I don’t care.

ACC or Bust

The Big 12 experiment did its job. We can discuss the merits of whether or not West Virginia was a good fit in the Big 12 but WVU got from the Big 12 what it needed: relevancy in the way of big time football and cash.



  • Minnesota Golden Gophers
    Q3 5:53
    Field Goal
    M.Trickett 49 yard field goal attempt is good, Center-MIN, Holder-MIN.
    8 plays, 39 yds, 4:58
    6 – 18
  • Minnesota Golden Gophers
    Q2 2:14
    K.Thomas rushed to WVU End Zone for 5 yards. K.Thomas for 5 yards, TOUCHDOWN. M.Trickett extra point is good.
    4 plays, 61 yds, 2:17
    6 – 15
  • West Virginia Mountaineers
    Q2 8:48
    J.Doege scrambles to MIN End Zone for 1 yards. J.Doege for 1 yards, TOUCHDOWN. TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. J.Doege steps back to pass. J.Doege pass incomplete intended for WVU. TWO-POINT ATTEMPT FAILS.
    12 plays, 75 yds, 5:31
    6 – 8
  • Minnesota Golden Gophers
    Q2 14:19
    D.Faalele rushed to WVU End Zone for 2 yards. D.Faalele for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN. TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT. B.Annexstad rushed to WVU 3 for yards. TWO-POINT ATTEMPT SUCCEEDS.
    7 plays, 54 yds, 4:00
    0 – 8
All times are Eastern Time



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Texas A&M Aggies 8 4 .667 L1



Charlie Katarincic

Charlie Katarincic OL 6’5″ 285

Matt Cavallaro

Matt Cavallaro QB 5’11” 200

Cortez Braham

Cortez Braham WR 6’2″ 193

Treylan Davis

Treylan Davis TE 6’3″ 246

Bryce Biggs

Bryce Biggs OL 6’4″ 294

Mike O'Laughlin

Mike O’Laughlin TE 6’5″ 252

Chris Mayo

Chris Mayo OL 6’4″ 297

John Hughes

John Hughes OL 6’4″ 305

James Gmiter

James Gmiter OL 6’3″ 298

Markquan Rucker

Markquan Rucker RB 5’11” 201

Victor Wikstrom

Victor Wikstrom TE 6’4″ 250

C.J. Cole

C.J. Cole WR 6’3″ 204

Donavan Beaver

Donavan Beaver OL 6’6″ 310

Nicco Marchiol

Nicco Marchiol QB 6’3″ 218

Jordan White

Jordan White OL 6’2″ 299

Will Crowder

Will Crowder QB 6’2″ 208

Tomas Rimac

Tomas Rimac OL 6’6″ 298

Sam James

Sam James WR 6’0″ 184

Sullivan Weidman

Sullivan Weidman OL 6’6″ 300

Landen Livingston

Landen Livingston OL 6’4″ 290

Lyn-J Dixon

Lyn-J Dixon RB 5’10” 195

Graeson Malashevich

Graeson Malashevich WR 5’9″ 181

Chez Jennings

Chez Jennings OL 6’5″ 358

Jarel Williams

Jarel Williams WR 6’2″ 185

Wyatt Milum

Wyatt Milum OL 6’6″ 291

Tony Mathis

Tony Mathis RB 5’11” 205

Garrett Greene

Garrett Greene QB 5’11” 193

Noah Drummond

Noah Drummond OL 6’0″ 290

Preston Fox

Preston Fox WR 5’10” 180

Zach Frazier

Zach Frazier OL 6’3″ 305

Nick Malone

Nick Malone OL 6’5″ 290

Jackson Oxley

Jackson Oxley OL 6’2″ 278

Doug Nester

Doug Nester OL 6’7″ 320

Bryce Ford-Wheaton

Bryce Ford-Wheaton WR 6’3″ 220

T.J. Banks

T.J. Banks TE 6’5″ 245

Corbin Page

Corbin Page TE 6’5″ 243

Brian Polendey

Brian Polendey TE 6’5″ 260

Sy'Veon Wilkerson

Sy’Veon Wilkerson RB 5’8″ 205

Kaden Prather

Kaden Prather WR 6’4″ 209

Owen Chafin

Owen Chafin RB 5’8″ 202

Ja'quay Hubbard

Ja’quay Hubbard OL 6’5″ 310

Jeremiah Aaron

Jeremiah Aaron WR 5’11” 190

Reese Smith

Reese Smith WR 5’10” 188

Shawn See

Shawn See OL 6’10” 370

Tyler Connolly

Tyler Connolly OL 6’5″ 345

Brandon Yates

Brandon Yates OL 6’4″ 297

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson RB 5’10” 196

Maurice Hamilton

Maurice Hamilton OL 6’4″ 335

JT Daniels

JT Daniels QB 6’3″ 210


The West Virginia Mountaineers are the athletic teams that represent West Virginia University, an American university located in Morgantown, West Virginia. The school is a member of National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I. The Mountaineers have been a member of the Big 12 Conference since 2012. At that time, the Mountaineers joined the Mid-American Conference as an affiliate member for men’s soccer. The two major sports at the university are football (played at Mountaineer …


West Virginia has won 20 NCAA team national championships.
• Men’s (1)
• Co-ed (19)
• See also: Big 12 Conference national team titles
• See also: List of NCAA schools with the most NCAA Division I championships


Football is the most popular sport at WVU. The West Virginia Mountaineers football team represents West Virginia University in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of college football. West Virginia plays its home games at Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium on the campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. The Mountaineers compete in the Big 12 Conference.


Playing Facility: Monongalia County Ballpark (2,500 plus hillside seating) Head Coach: Randy Mazey Most Victories: 40 (1994) NCAA Tournament Appearances: 13 Last NCAA Appearance: 2019 All-Americans: 17 Players In The Majors: 26

Men’s basketball

Playing Facility: WVU Coliseum (14,000) Head Coach: Bob Huggins Most Victories: 31 in 2010 Big East Conference Champion: 2010 NCAA Tournament Appearances: 31 Last NCAA Appearance: 2021 NCAA Final Four: 1959, 2010 NIT Appearances: 15 Last NIT Appearance: 2014 NIT Championships: 2 (1942, 2007) All-Americans: 13 Drafted Players: 28 Players In The NBA: 14

Women’s basketball

Playing Facility: WVU Coliseum (14,000) Head Coach: Dawn Plitzuweit Most Victories: 30 in 2014 Big 12 Conference Champion: 2017 NCAA Tournament Appearances: 11 WNIT Appearances: 2 Last NCAA Appearance: 2017 All-Americans: 4 Drafted Players: 3 Players In The WNBA: 2

Cross country

Head Coach: Sean Cleary World Cross Country Qualifiers: 11 BIG EAST Conference Champions: 2007 NCAA Regional Champions: 2004,2008 NCAA Appearances: 11 NCAA Top 10 finishes: 5: 2007,2008,2009,2011,2014 NCAA Elite 8 finishes: 4: 2008,2009,2011,2014 NCAA Final 4 finishes: 1: 2008 Highest NCAA Finish: 4th Last NCAA Appearance: 2021 All-Americans: 16 Elite 89 Winners: Ahna Lewis-2009, Kelly Williams 2014

Men’s golf

WVU sponsored men’s golf from 1933 until dropping the sport in 1982. On July 1, 2013, then-WVU athletic director Oliver Luck announced that the sport would be reinstated in the 2015–16 school year.
Competition facilities: Seven regional courses (all in West Virginia except as indicated): Two courses at Lakeview Golf Resort, Cheat Lake – Lakeview and Mountainview Two courses at Ne…


The West Virginia Mountaineers men’s basketball team represents West Virginia University in NCAA Division I college basketball competition. They are a member of the Big 12 Conference. WVU has won 13 conference tournament championships, and has 29 appearances in the NCAA Tournament, including two Final Fours, most recently in 2010. The Mountaineers have also appeared in 16 National Invitation Tournaments, and have won two championships, in 1942 and 2007.


West Virginia men’s basketball has competed in three basketball championship final matches: the 1959 NCAA final, the 1942 NIT final (at that time, the NIT was considered more prestigious than the NCAA), and the 2007 NIT Championship. They lost 71–70 to California in the 1959 NCAA finals, while the Mountaineers won the 1942 NIT Championship 47–45 over Western Kentucky, and the 2007 NIT contest over Clemson 78–72 in a rebuilding season. In 1949, future Mountaineers head …


With 184 games played between 1906 and 2012, West Virginia’s rivalry against Pittsburgh, whose campus is roughly 80 miles north of WVU, is West Virginia’s most-played men’s basketball rivalry. This was an in-conference rivalry for many years: 1976 to 1982 in the Eastern Collegiate Basketball League and Eastern Athletic Association (predecessors to the Atlantic 10 Conference) and 1995 to 2012 in the Big East Conference. Following the conference realignment, West Virgini…

Notable players

The Mountaineers have retired three jerseys in their history.
The following players were named to All-American teams recognized by the NCAA for the purpose of determining consensus teams for the given season.
• Points Scored: Jerry West (2,309)
• Rebounds: Jerry West (1,240)

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