What do you do at a conference


Conferences are used to bring together people with common interests and discuss issues and ideas relating to a specific topic. Conferences can be held on almost any topic, come in many sizes, and can be run by any number of organizations. In order to be successful, a conference requires intensive time, planning, and resources.

Conferences give you the opportunity to talk to these people one-on-one about what they are working on, and they may even give you advice on how to enhance your own work. You have the opportunity to ask presenters questions about their work and the rationale behind it, which you can’t do when reading journal articles.Jul 7, 2019


What happens during a conference?

At a conference, innovative ideas are thrown about and new information is exchanged among experts. Its purpose could be one of the following: An academic conference is a gathering of scientists or academicians, where research findings are presented or a workshop is conducted.

What is the purpose of conference?

A conference is a gathering of people with a common interest or background, with the purposes of allowing them to meet one another and to learn about and discuss issues, ideas and work that focus on a topic of mutual concern.

What do you learn from conferences?

Fortunately, conferences give you the chance to practice these skills. Rehearsing and giving your talk or poster presentation will make you more comfortable in front of an audience, and you’ll learn things like the speed at which you should talk and the amount of detail which you need to give in your explanations.

What happens at work conference?

They allow you to let people know about your work and get feedback on it while also hearing about exciting new research by others. They also give you the opportunity to meet new colleagues, make new friends and catch up with old ones. What you get out of a conference attendance is largely up to you.

How do you attend a conference?

10 Tips for Attending Scientific ConferencesDefine Your Goals. Are you stepping into the job market? … Plan Ahead. Don’t wait until you’re at the conference to plan your activities—start early. … Choose the Right Sessions. … Apply For Travel Awards. … Socialize and Network. … Get Some Rest. … Plan Accommodations Wisely. … Present Your Work.More items…

What is the benefits of attending conferences?

By attending other presentations, you will learn from others and improve your own skills and knowledge about your field. It is also important to engage with their work, ask questions and perhaps go and see them after the panel. Like in any other profession, networking is very important in our field.

How do you enjoy a conference?

Before the Conference.Gain Visibility. … Build Stronger Relationships. … At the Conference.Get Briefed. … Choose the Right Sessions. … Remember What You Learn. … Connect With the Speakers.More items…

Why do people participate in conferences?

Good conferences have opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, lunch, or cocktails, you may make a connection with the perfect provider or prospect. At a breakout session, you may find yourself sitting next to your next customer or mentor.

How do you prepare for a conference?

The steps you typically need to take for preparing for a conference are:Plan well in advance. … Form an organizational team. … Define what the conference is attempting to achieve. … Create a business plan based on the available budget. … Pick a date. … Choose an appropriate venue. … Book your speakers. … Create a conference schedule.More items…•

How long should a conference last?

Not many people want to travel a long distance for a short conference. That is why an international conference should last at least two days and a national conference in a large country should take one and half to two days.

What should a woman wear to a conference?

Although women generally have a bit more leeway in terms of conference clothing than men, there are several professional staples that can help you look your best. Think blouses, cardigans, blazers, button-downs, dress pants, wrap dresses and pencil or A-line skirts. Don’t feel pressured to adhere to a certain look.

What is the difference between a meeting and a conference?

While a meeting is less formal, it is important for a conference to be more formal. This is because a conference is on a larger scale and pre-planned to allow the maximum number of people to attend. The reason for this is usually that a conference is based around a specific subject.

Build Stronger Relationships

A conference is the time to meet new people, but it’s also a time to build on the relationships you already have. If you know of people you want to…

Choose The Right Sessions

At most conferences, there will be an abundance of sessions to choose from—many more than you’ll be able to attend! So when you’re plotting your sc…

Connect With The Speakers

The speakers and panelists at any conference are likely key experts in your field—read: people who you want to know. So don’t be afraid to ask ques…

Schmooze at The Social Events

Definitely make time to attend the conference’s social events—they’re a great opportunity to connect with people in a more relaxed setting. (Hint:…

What is the point of a conference?

The point of a conference isn’t just to meet people—it’s to network with people. If you go to a conference with a networking goal in mind, you need to make sure that you stay in touch with people after the conference. Your level of follow up depends on the kind of relationship you want to have with someone.

What to do instead of going to a conference?

Instead of just going to a conference in your industry, set up a small event outside of the conference. Tweet this!

What is one great connection?

One great connection can lead to new job opportunities, partnerships, and content creation. One new idea, if it’s the right one, can change the way you approach all of your work. One great connection can lead to new job opportunities, partnerships, and content creation. Conferences and networking matter. Tweet this!

What is the easiest time to connect with new people?

Lunch might be the easiest time to connect with new people.

What to do when you need content for social media?

If you need content for social media, take a picture with the people you meet!

What are the benefits of attending a conference?

Benefits of attending conferences. There are a lot of potential benefits of attending conferences that go beyond the simple “network and learn from speakers.”. Of course those are important, but there are other benefits that people don’t always consider. For example: Social media content from the conference.

Why is sleep important in a conference?

It’s both, but it’s especially important for conferences because sleep is the first thing that goes out the window.

What to do with resources at a conference?

You gained a lot of new information, inspiration, and contacts at the conference, and one of the best things you can do with those resources is to share them with your fellow co-workers, colleagues, and friends. Send out videos of the sessions you thought were particularly valuable, give a talk about something you learned at your next staff meeting, and tell your boss about some of the interesting contacts you met. You’ll spread your new skills and knowledge—and hopefully your colleagues will reciprocate the next time they go to a great event.

What is a conference?

A conference is the time to meet new people, but it’s also a time to build on the relationships you already have. If you know of people you want to reconnect with or get to know better who will be attending—clients, vendors, friends-of-friends—reach out a few weeks before the conference to set up a time to meet for coffee or a meal …

How to maximize your conference experience?

1. Gain Visibility. A great way to maximize your conference experience is to participate in some way—like being a presenter, session facilitator, or committee volunteer. (When you see the initial posting for the conference, check out if there are these options available, or email the conference organizer directly to ask.) …

What are the best things to do in your career?

Attending conferences might be one of the best things you can do for your career. You’ll learn about industry trends, gain some new skills, and make all kinds of new connections. (And yes, there’s usually travel and free meals involved.)

What is the main objective of a conference?

Remember that the conference’s main objective is to inspire people and expand their horizons. You can’t do that without an understanding of your attendees.

What is the best theme for a conference?

The best themes are catchy, relatable, and trigger an emotional response. You want the conference to inspire and stimulate conversation. Your theme has to enable that.

How to promote conference offline?

Promoting your conference offline? You want to make a high-quality booklet with the conference agenda and a visible link to your website or the ticketing site.

Why do you need a speaker lineup?

Your speakers are the stars of your conference. You want a solid lineup in order to attract attendees and guarantee a professional experience .

What to do if your conference isn’t free?

If your conference isn’t free to attend, you’ll want to settle on the right price. On the one hand, the conference fees should help cover your costs. On the other hand, you don’t want to price interested attendees out and end up with a half-booked conference.

How long does a conference last?

You also need to find out how long the conference will last. Industry consensus suggests that a conference with around 300 participants calls for two full days. Larger, more in-depth conferences may stretch for even longer.

Why is it important to have a budget for a conference?

Having a budget will also help you set the price for participating in the conference. Here are the most common items you’ll want to budget for:

How to make a conference plan?

Step 1: Craft a Vision of Your Conference. Every event begins with a vision, but you’ll need to transform your vision into words and numbers in order to measure costs and make informed planning decisions. First, you need to start with the event planning basics like who, what, when, where and why.

How to shop for a conference venue?

After you have a more specific idea about when your conference will take place and how many people you want to attend, you can then begin to shop for an appropriate venue. Keep in mind that your venue selection will also determine your catering and audio/visual costs. This is because most conference centers and event hotels require you to use their in-house services for any on-site events.

How long does it take to organize a conference?

The entire process can take a couple of years depending on the size of the group, but it is conceivable to launch a successful conference in a single year if you can make swift decisions.

What is a conference floor?

Conferences typically feature an exhibition area or convention floor where sponsors and vendors rent space to promote their products. This can be a very lucrative opportunity for your conference if you organize everything well. Keep in mind though that an exhibition area will require a significant commitment of both time and resources, so make sure you are prepared to manage the needs of multiple vendors before you commit to this format.

What is the reality of planning a conference?

The reality of planning a conference is that, without any experience, you can lose a lot of time over-thinking each little detail while overlooking more important issues.

Why is attendance important in conferences?

Even the most popular conferences must effectively market their event to fill every seat in the house. Attendance is the single most important factor to the success of your event. Good attendance numbers bring revenue and sponsorship opportunities.

Do conference centers require overnight accommodations?

This is because most conference centers and event hotels require you to use their in-house services for any on-site events. Most conferences will need to provide some sort of overnight accommodations for guests traveling from outside the region.

What to do after a conference?

Read the following tips to learn more about what you should do after a conference. 1. Reach out to say thank you. Following up with your participants is very important, especially if you plan on organizing more conferences in the future. It is an opportunity for you to boost your reputation and encourage guests to show up for your next conference. …

What is the job of a conference organizer?

A conference organizer’s job doesn’t end when their conference does; several tasks need to be performed as soon as a conference occurs to make sure you’re organized and have your data ready for your future conference, but also to maintain that rapport you’ve worked ever so hard to build with your attendees, service providers, and stakeholders.

Why is it so hard to organize a conference?

Organizing a conference for the first time is a difficult undertaking usually due to the lack of data and contacts. Luckily, this shouldn’t be an issue when you’re organizing a conference for the second time as you’re able to use all of the contacts and data you’ve gathered from previous conferences to design your future conferences …

What are surveys for conferences?

Surveys are an important part of any customer-driven operation. You need to know what your participants thought of your conference so you can start working on improving your future one by replicating what’s working, i.e. what your participants loved about your conference, and leaving behind what hasn’t, i.e. all of the details your participants did not quite like. This should include all elements of your conference from your selected topics, themes, and speakers, right down to your choice of venue and catering. Remember, no detail is too small; you should never neglect any element to make sure your future conferences are exactly as what your customers expect, especially if your conference is paid!

Why is it so hard to talk to people at a conference?

If you want someone to open up to you, you have to talk to them one on one. It’s hard to do this at a conference because you can easily get interrupted. Typically, most conferences give you a few hours for dinner before any after-parties.

What to talk about during a dinner meeting?

During your dinner meeting, don’t just talk about business. Find out how they’re doing, and chat about whatever interests them. There is nothing wrong with doing business over dinner, but it shouldn’t be the focus. The focus should be on building the relationship.

What to do when dinner is over and the bill comes?

Once the dinner is over and the bill comes, make sure you pay for it.

How to be a good speaker?

Speakers – meet every speaker you listen to. Don’t spend much time chatting to them because they are getting hounded by hundreds of others. Be considerate, and give them space.

What happens if you don’t meet people?

If you don’t, you’ll never end up building any real relationships. Meeting someone is great, but if you don’t get to know the people you meet, you won’t gain value from the conference.

How to get to know everyone at a large event?

Don’t waste your time getting to know a large group of people. Concentrate on meeting high quality individuals with whom you can build valuable relationships. Speakers – meet every speaker you listen to.

When was the Beginner’s Guide to Attending Conferences published?

Beginner’s Guide to Attending Conferences. Published on September 16, 2009. I just spent two days at the TechCrunch50 conference, and what I noticed was that most of the attendees weren’t getting their money’s worth. It doesn’t matter if you pay for admission or if you get in free because your time spent at an event is worth money.

How long does it take to sit down after a conference?

Shortly after the conference, while things are still fresh, take an hour to sit down and unload all of your thoughts onto paper.

Do conferences have to end?

The conference does not have to end the day you check out of your hotel and go home. Keep the conversation going on social media. Conferences usually have a dedicated hashtag that attendees are encouraged to use when they tweet or share insights and learnings during the conference.


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