What is a case conference in psychology


In most case conferences, therapists present their clinical work to colleagues in their professional community, be it as part of a discussion group within an institute, a meeting amongst colleagues set up for this purpose, or a working group within a public clinic.Apr 30, 2018


What is a case conference in mental health?

Background: Case conferences are multidisciplinary meetings of health professionals to plan treatment for specific people with chronic and complex care needs. The value of multidisciplinary teamwork in mental health care is well recognized.

Why are case conferences important in clinical psychology?

One of the central clinical activities of experienced psychoanalytic therapists and novice clinicians alike is the discussion of clinical cases. Case conferences are important yet complex, and are likely to form a turning point in the development of the clinician and/or treatment presented.

What is case conferencing?

Case conferencing is a more formal, planned, and structured event separate from regular contacts. The goal of case conferencing is to provide holistic, coordinated, and integrated services across providers, and to reduce duplication.

What is a supported and comprehensive case conference?

Case conferences are documented in the client’s record. Supportive and/or Comprehensive Case Management providers routinely coordinate all necessary services along the continuum of care, including institutional and community-based, medical and non-medical, social and support services.


What is a case conference?

Case conferencing is a more formal, planned, and structured event separate from regular contacts. The goal of case conferencing is to provide holistic, coordinated, and integrated services across providers, and to reduce duplication.

What is case conferencing in counseling?

Case conferencing is a care management technique involving an exchange of information between the patients’ care team to enhance patient’s care coordination and minimize duplication of services across providers.

What are usually discussed during case conference?

What is discussed at a Case Conference? Well, exploring settlement, identifying what the parties can agree upon, ensuring disclosure of evidence, discussing the next steps, discussing whether any experts are needed, and discussing whether any motions are needed.

What makes a good case conference?

To be successful a case conference should be as interactive as possible. This means that it must engage the audience at every level. Co-ordinating the interaction between the presenter and the audience is absolutely vital and it is an active not passive role.

What is the role of the case conference facilitator?

The facilitator will organise the family group conference and make sure everyone who is at the conference is able to speak and be heard. The facilitators aren’t involved in making any decisions about your children or family.

What is a case conference NHS?

By discussing the employment circumstances and medical background of the employee and the Occupational Health recommendations, a case conference aims to reach a common understanding of the issues and to agree a way forward with specific actions, eg another appointment at a later date, deciding to ask for consent for GP …

Who has the most important role in a case conference?

One of the most crucial functions a case conference judge performs is ensuring that full and complete financial disclosure is exchanged. Without it, a lawyer is unable to properly advise his or her client, which makes settlement impossible.

Can a judge make an order at a case conference?

If financial disclosure remains outstanding, the conference judge can make an order requiring either party to give the other the necessary documents. The judge can also order that party to pay all or some of the other party’s costs for the conference. The judge’s recommendations at a case conference are not binding.

What is a case conference in child protection?

What is a Child Protection Conference? A Child Protection Conference is a meeting where a family and professionals meet to share information and discuss concerns about a child or young person because they have either been subject to some form of harm or abuse, or are at risk of it.

How do you prepare a case conference?

In it you:give some information about your family.give details about your financial situation.list the issues you and your partner agree on.list the issues you and your partner don’t agree on.list the issues you want to talk about at the conference and include facts you think the judge needs to know.More items…

How do you present a case in psychology?

Outline for Written Clinical Case PresentationOutline for Written Clinical Case Presentation.❑ Reason for Referral and Presenting Problem.❑ Description of the Client (physical, behavioral, and social)❑ Brief Pertinent Life History1.❑ Psychiatric History and Past History of Treatment for the Presenting Problem.More items…

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What is case conference?

Case conferences are usually interdisciplinary, and include one or multiple internal and external providers and, if possible and appropriate, the client and family members/close supports.

What is case coordination?

Case coordination includes communication, information sharing, and collaboration, and occurs regularly with case management and other staff serving the client within and between agencies in the community. Coordination activities may include directly arranging access; reducing barriers to obtaining services; establishing linkages; and other activities recorded in progress notes.


The case conference is useful for the presenter to present a case at examination standard or beyond. The case must be there are sufficiently prepared in detail to cover every angle of assessment, investigation, the aetiology and management. The opportunity to practise presenting skills is vital for any professional.

Preparation is vital

A barrister would not going to court without having read the depositions for a court case and without having spoken to his instructing solicitor and without having spoken to key witnesses.

The Task of Chairing a Case Conference

The format of the case conference should be adapted according to the nature of the patient that is being presented. The requirements for the presentation of a child psychiatry case differ from those of an adult psychiatry case for instance.

The Task of Chairing a Journal Club

Make sure that the presenter has got the audience copies of a paper or the papers that they are about to present. Ideally these should have been circulated before the meeting, and there should be a supply of papers available at the meeting.

What is case conference?

Background: Case conferences are multidisciplinary meetings of health professionals to plan treatment for specific people with chronic and complex care needs. The value of multidisciplinary teamwork in mental health care is well recognized.

What are the components of case conferences?

These components were (1) information exchange, (2) deliberation, and (3) decision making.


Because these studies use already existing data and do not require any follow up with subjects, they tend to be quicker and cheaper than other types of research. Case-control studies also do not require large sample sizes.


Participants might not be able to remember when they were exposed or they might omit other details that are important for the study. In addition, those with the outcome are more likely to recall and report exposures more clearly than those without the outcome.


Investigating the impact of exposure to daylight on the health of office workers (Boubekri et al., 2014).

Frequently asked questions about case control studies

1. What’s the difference between a case-control study and a cross-sectional study?


Construction and Attribution of Meaning Within The Clinical Discussion

  • In a Clinical Conference, group members discuss a clinical case attribute and propose alternative meanings to the development of the analytic encounter presented, the structures organizing the patient’s world, and the schemas the patient formed regarding him/herself and significant others…

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A Change in Approach

  • A substantial part of participants’ contributions to clinical discussions is often based on stringent and attentive listening to the associative material of the patient as provided by the presenter and the therapist’s reported associations at the time of the clinical analytic encounter. Such attention leads to the development of clinical inferences based upon the attempt to construct logical “brid…

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Components of Case Conferences Relying on The Current Perspectives

  • The hermeneutical circles described above reflect upon one another, and form a foundation from which participants can derive their interventions and reactions. This foundation provides the participants a way to understand and attribute meaning to analytic processes that are not founded upon ’objective’ universal clinical or theoretical knowledge. The participants’ ability to cr…

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  • The present article proposes guidelines for effective teamwork in case conferences based upon epistemological changes that have taken place in psychoanalytic therapy. The guidelines emphasize the intersubjective and interpersonal contexts of both the case conference and the analytic relationship described in it, and thus, enable an understanding of the transference-count…

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