What is a conference event


Back to help home A conference is an event where a number of people come together to discuss a particular subject or share information. Conferences can last for one day, or be held over several days, depending on the size and scope of the event.

A conference is an event where a number of people come together to discuss a particular subject or share information. Conferences can last for one day, or be held over several days, depending on the size and scope of the event. Common types of conferences include: Academic conferences. Business conferences.


What is a conference?

A conference is generally understood as a meeting of several people to discuss a particular topic. It is often confused with a convention, colloquia or symposium. While a conference differs from the others in terms of size and purpose, the term can be used to cover the general concept.

What is the conference and event sector?

The conference and event sector is a part of the hospitality industry that focuses on events designed to gather large crowds of people. Discover the management skills and abilities necessary to put on a conference or event and look at examples of each.

What is the meaning of event?

An event is classified as something happening at a predetermined time and place. Practically speaking any pre-set gathering could be classified as an event. What are the types of meetings?

What is the difference between a meeting and an event?

“An event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there is a group of talks on a particular subject, or a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally” Both terms refer to events in which people gather to discuss a specific subject.


What is a conference in business?

What is a conference? Definition and examples. A conference is a gathering of many people who talk about a specific subject or topic. People meet to confer about a theme. All the people who attend have a common interest. It is not the same as a convention, which is typically much bigger …

What is a trade conference?

Trade conference. This is another way of refering to a trade fair or trade show, i.e., an exhibition in which several companies promote their goods and services. Most trade fairs focus on a particular industry or market sector.

What does “confere” mean?

The verb to confer means to exchange ideas on a specific subject, often with the aim of deciding whether to take action. “An event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there is a group of talks on a particular subject, or a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally”.

What is the purpose of a peace conference?

Peace conference. When there is a conflict between two countries, their leaders, representatives, or diplomats may meet. Their aim is to end the conflict. A representative of a neutral country may also be present.

Is conference call cheaper than face to face meeting?

Since the advent of the Internet, these types of calls have become much more common, while face-to-face meetings have become less frequent. Conference calls are considerably cheaper than face-to-face meetings , especially if the participants live in different parts of the world.

Is a conference bigger than a meeting?

Conferences are much larger and more formal than meetings. A department head can suddenly say: “I want to have a meeting about this in 20 minutes.”. It is possible to call a meeting without planning ahead. Conferences are always planned well in advance.

Do conferences always happen in house?

Conferences are always planned well in advance. In most cases, we do not hold conferences in-house, but rather in large centers or hotels. Meetings, on the other hand, are nearly always in-house or possibly in a nearby cafe. Conferences-uk.org.uk says the following about the two terms: “Generally speaking, meetings and conferences are all events …

What is a conference manager?

Let’s imagine you are the events and conference manager at a large hotel that has facilities to handle functions for up to 10,000 people. You cater to corporations that hold meetings, trainings, and conferences for employees and professionals. You also offer extensive options to individuals and groups that host one-time events and personal celebrations, like retirement parties, reunions, weddings or other special events, and small gatherings.

Is event management a good fit?

If a person is not adaptable and able to think quickly on their feet, event management may not be a good fit. All meetings, events, and conferences will need plenty of flexibility to handle problems that happen at the last minute.

What is conference planning?

Conference Planning: A Step-by-Step Checklist for Success. Conferences are an important part of professional development and business networking for all industries. Bringing people together from all around the world in the same industry to learn and share is essential for innovation. A successful conference can come in all shapes and sizes, …

Why is it important to start a conference planning process in advance?

It is helpful to review your successes and shortcomings from your last conference and use that information to help inform your planning this time around.

How to plan an amazing conference?

To plan and execute an amazing conference or corporate event, you need to first decide specifically what you are trying to accomplish. Ask yourself what type of conference attendee you want to attract, as well as how you can make sure the conference relates to your brand.

What are fixed costs in conference planning?

There are many fixed costs in conference planning that will inevitably make up the most considerable portion of your event budget. These costs are not typically affected by the number of attendees at your event — they are what they are.

How is an event date determined?

Most of the time, an event date is determined by a venue’s availability. However, if the date is more important than the venue, you will need to prioritize finding a venue that accommodates that date. Once you have your venue/location and date set, it’s time to rally the troops to make this event happen.

What to do after a conference?

It is so important to document and track all the successes you had and any shortcomings that arose during your event. The more you learn, the more you can improve.

Can a conference be without a venue?

There is no conference without a venue and date. So now it’s time to get that all sorted out so you can begin planning your logistics. A great conference needs a great venue. If you are new to organizing conferences, ask other organizers what venues have worked for them for past events.

What is a cvent?

Cvent CONNECT is one of the world’s top event technology conferences that brings together meetings, events, and hospitality professionals. It provides inspiration for meeting and event programs and showcases the latest in event planning technology and strategy. While Cvent was unable to meet in-person in 2020, they’re bringing attendees back …

What is special event and catersource?

According to its website, “The Special Event + Catersource will bring together the entire events and catering industry for three amazing days in beautiful Miami Beach for a top-notch conference, entertaining show floor, and epic networking events.”

What is convening leaders 2021?

Convening Leaders 2021 will be “your community design lab for what business events will look like in a post-pandemic world ,” according to its website. The event will offer a combination of streaming broadcast TV (with a live studio audience in some locations) and in-person experiences through official network partners. It will feature speakers such as Olympic Gold Medalist and Two-Time Women’s World Cup Champion Megan Rapinoe and Olympic Gold Medalist and Four-Time WNBA Champion Sue Bird, among many others.

What is the heartbeat of the global business events community?

This conference is dubbed “the heartbeat of the global business events community” for a reason. With options for exhibiting, attending, networking, and education, IMEX America reaches a wide variety of event industry professionals, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Is 2020 a rough year for the hospitality industry?

To put it simply, 2020 was a rough year for just about everyone , including those in the hospitality and events industry. Many event planning conferences were canceled or postponed, and most of those that weren’t took place virtually. While 2021 may still look a little different than normal, expect to see many conferences back and ready to help industry professionals navigate the massive changes in the way they do business.

What is the difference between a seminar and a conference?

Moreover, the difference between a conference and a seminar may be that a conference has a more general theme with a focus on presentations and lectures, whereas a workshop is usually more specific and hands-on, so to speak . However, as we’ll see there are grey areas between these types of events, and the line isn’t always clear.

What are the different types of academic events?

There are lots of different types of academic event that you might want to attend, such as conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, and generally they have a different slant. Size, for instance, is usually a big factor in whether something is regarded as a conference or a symposium.

Why are workshops important?

Workshops are a good opportunity to learn new skills and to familiarise yourself with a topic you don’t know well . If this piece has inspired you to apply to a conference, workshop, symposium or seminar, read our piece on how to get accepted to an academic conference.

What is the difference between a conference and a workshop?

The difference between a workshop and a conference is that workshops are generally smaller than conferences, and are usually only a day or two long and are dedicated to discussing a specific topic. Although these events are held as part of a department, you will often find outside visitors who attend them too.

What is a symposium?

The definition of a symposium isn’t completely clear – the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary describes it simply as ‘a small conference’. However, similarly to a workshop, a symposium tends to focus on a particular issue rather than a more general theme.

What is a seminar?

Seminars are a great place to test out some new ideas or theories that you’ve been thinking about but aren’t 100% confident with yet. If you’re working on a concept or an idea for an experiment but you want to hear some feedback on it before you develop it further, offer to present it at a seminar.

Is a symposium smaller than a conference?

Finally, symposiums will generally be smaller than a conference. Saying all this, it’s likely you’ll visit a symposium that seems more like conference and a workshop that could easily be called a seminar. The difference isn’t always clear, and there’s usually some grey area.

What is the difference between a meeting and an event?

There is, in fact, a big difference between the two. First and foremost: All meetings are events but not all events are meetings. Now, let’s get down to the details.

What is the purpose of special events?

Either way, the goal of a Special Event is to commemorate, celebrate, or raise awareness.

What are the different types of meetings?

Broadly speaking there are four types of meetings: – Informational: to teach and learn. Decision-Making: to collaborate and align. – Innovation: to collaborate and ideate. – Sales: to convince a customer.

What are some examples of meetings?

Examples include a company’s award ceremony, a ribbon cutting event, or a nonprofit’s annual gala. Meetings serve an educational or business purpose. Examples include a seminar or a board of directors meeting. A meeting can have a special event within it.


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