What is a student led conference


A student-led conference is a preplanned meeting in which students demonstrate responsibility for their academic performance by providing a review of their work for parents and teachers.


What is a guide to implementing student led conferences in your school?

A Guide to Implementing Student-Led Conferences in Your School: This presentation, authored by Patti Kinney of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, is chock-full of information for school leaders, including info about SLC benefits, sample letters, scripts, evaluation forms, frequently asked questions, and other tips.

What are student-led conferences (SLCs)?

In many schools, educators are transforming teacher-led parent-teacher conferences in favor of student-led meeting formats that engage students in the process. These conferences can provide powerful opportunities for students to advocate for their own learning. How Do Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) Work?

What makes a strong student-led conference?

A strong portfolio structure will support strong student-led conferences because it serves as a historical record of student work, self-reflections, and teacher feedback. Portfolios should be updated on a regular basis and include work that shows evidence of meeting standards, self-reflections, feedback, and rubrics.

What is the student-led conference worksheet?

Student-Led Conference Worksheet: This form includes areas for students to list their strengths and think through areas for improvement. Student Portfolio Manual: The school portfolio guide provides information about how portfolios are structured and how materials are collected, including both student and teacher reflection sheets.


How do you do a student-led conference?

Tip #1: Invest Time In Student PreparationTry having students set up a binder with a portfolio as well as their graded work. These binders are then used to lead their conferences.Ask your student to write a reflection on their grades and study habits. … Use role-play in the days leading up to the conference.

What is a disadvantages to a student-led conferences?

One of the main disadvantages of student-led conferences is that there is great potential for disappointment on the part of the students. They may put long hours into preparing for a conference, but if their parents are unable to attend, it is a big letdown.

What does student lead mean?

The concept of student-led learning has gained pace over the past couple of years. It means a departure from a traditional classroom set up, giving pupils more autonomy and encouraging students to take more ownership of their results.

What is a student-led classroom?

A student-led classroom is exactly what it sounds like: student-led. It can change every year based on the students and their skills, personalities, and how they work together. The goal in a student-led classroom is self-advocacy where they motivate themselves to learn.

What are the benefits of student-led conferences?

The benefits of student-led conferencesIncreased parent involvement. Parent attendance is one of the biggest obstacles to traditional parent-teacher conferences. … Boosted student confidence and engagement. … A better picture of student achievement. … More information for teachers.

What should be included in a student-led conference?

During the conference, students:Share and discuss learning with their parents.Identify strengths and learning goals with parents and teachers.Connect their learning to long-term career goals.Determine next steps to improve learning.Agree on the date of the next conference to address progress or concerns.

What are student-led projects?

Student-led projects are an opportunity for personal development, leadership, and applied learning to work with others, be active and creative to make a difference in the world.

Is instructor led or lead?

Instructor-led training, or ILT, is the practice of training and learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups.

Is it student lead or student-led?

“Lead” is a present tense verb meaning “to guide” or “to direct”. “Led” is the past tense of the same verb, and it must not be spelled with an “a”: She led a discussion on how best to lead the group.

At which level should student-led learning be conducted?

Student-led conferences can be implemented at all grade levels, K–12. Preparation for a conference creates an authentic purpose for good organizational and communication skills.

How can a student lead a class discussion?

Starting a discussionRefer to questions you distributed. … Make a list of key points. … Use a partner activity. … Use a brainstorming activity. … Pose an opening question and give students a few minutes to record an answer. … Divide students into small groups to discuss a specific question or issue.More items…

What are teacher led approaches?

Teacher-led project work blends student-centered, project-based learning with traditional, lecture-style instruction. In other words, teachers direct active, hands-on learning within the classroom – often via long or short-term projects.

What Are SLCs And Why Do We Do It?

A student-led conference is more than a parent teacher conference that the student sits in on. The focus is on the student, rather than about the student.

Jeff Govani

A student-led conference is more than a parent teacher conference that the student sits in on. The focus is on the student, rather than about the student.

How Do Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) Work?

Though the format may vary, these conferences differ from traditional conferences in that they place students at the helm of teacher-supported discussions with parents about student progress and learning.

Useful Tips, Guides, Checklists, and Printables

Student-Led Conferences From Scholastic: You’ll find a number of resources in this blog post by middle grades educator John DePasquale, including a protocol to share with families prior to conferences. This is a follow-up post to elementary teacher Kriscia Cabral’s series on student-led conferences preparation and application.

Downloads and Examples From Schools That Work

Students at University Park Campus School in Worcester, Massachusetts, grow into their power and potential through student-led meetings. Watch footage from these meetings, hear insights from educators, and then explore the following school tools:

Why do we need student led conferences?

Student-led conferences can reframe the learning experience and get children invested in their own learning. Even struggling students can find something they’re proud of to show, and it gives every child a view of their learning progress.

What is the purpose of parent-teacher conferences?

School Leaders. Parent-teacher conferences can be an effective way to discuss student achievement and progress, but they lack one key element: student engagement.

How to engage elementary students in learning?

Learning stations are a great way to engage elementary students and ask them to begin reflecting on what they’ve learned throughout the school year. Stations can be divided by subject or concept and include a short activity to demonstrate student understanding. Teachers should take time to prepare students for the tasks they’ll find during the conference, and can even include information at each station designed to spark discussion between students and parents. Teachers can also provide time for students to rehearse with their peers to reduce anxiety. An added benefit to this process is student-led conferences might engage students that teachers struggle to connect with through normal evaluation methods. Teachers can also use this opportunity to connect with parents who might not be able to come to regular parent-teacher conferences.

What is the role of a teacher in a discussion?

The teacher acts as a facilitator for the discussion. The student presents their work and guides the discussion. The parents listen and speak with their child about his or her academic and social progress and needs. Student-led conferences can take a number of different forms, but roles stay the same.

What is a student portfolio?

The student portfolio is a central element of successful student-led conferences. Portfolios vary based on the format of the conference, but they usually include: A selection of the student’s work from throughout the year. An agenda for the meeting. Sheets for setting social and academic goals.

Why do teachers need to interact with their students?

Teachers see their students almost every day, and have a good idea of their academic strengths and weaknesses. Asking students to interact with their teachers and parents can give new insights that allow teachers to make the learning environment more effective. Teachers are more likely to be able to connect with parents who don’t always come to traditional parent-teacher conferences. This means that they’re able to build relationships with parents they can use during the rest of the school year. Other benefits for teachers include:

Does student led conference increase attendance?

Many schools that have implemented student-led conferences have seen a dramatic increase in parent attendance at conferences.”. Bailey and Guskey also note higher parent attendance for student-led conferences correlates with parent involvement in student learning, and can boost academic outcomes.

What is student led conference?

Student-led conferences: A growing trend. For years parent-teacher conferences have been the primary means of parent-teacher communication. But now, many schools are trying something new—student-led conferences that communicate not only how a student’s doing but also why. Parent-teacher conferences—we all know how they go.

What was the conference format at Hayden’s school?

The conference format at Hayden’s school had students show parents some of their work and explain their grades in a student-led conference. Each team could conduct conferences a bit differently.

Why did Hayden have students set up a binder?

She explained that students had to keep their binders orderly because they would use them to lead their conferences.

What is the Oregon Educational Act?

The Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century requires students to meet higher standards. By having students assess how they are progressing toward those standards, educators say, students will know how far they’ve come and how far they have to go to meet the standards.

What do students write in reflection?

Students also wrote a reflection on their grades and study habits. They set goals for the next semester and organized their graded work section. The day before conferences, teachers role-played, pretending to be the student, with the student playing the teacher or the parent.

Do parents have to make separate appointments for student led conferences?

Nearly all schools with student-led conferences will let parents make separate appointments to confer with teachers. For the most part, parents support the concept of student-led conferences, though some support them with slight reservations.

Is parent attendance higher for student-led conferences than for teacher-led ones?

Educators acknowledge that there are disadvantages as well as advantages to student-led conferences. Although parent attendance seems higher for student-led conferences than for teacher-led ones, a parent’s failure to attend a student-led conference leads to a great deal of disappointment for a student who has worked hard to prepare.

Why are student led conferences important?

Student-led conferences are a great framework to introduce a new level of authority over learning experiences.

Is student led conference a success?

But with the right preparation, student-led conferences are actually a resounding success. Not only do they give emerging learners agency over their learning journey, they provide both teachers and parents with some really great insight into their education. Let’s dig a little deeper.


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