What is aac conference



Where does the AAC turn in the next conference realignment?

AAC football could be next to join the trend. Oklahoma and Texas were the first dominoes to fall in conference realignment, deciding to head to the greener pastures of the SEC.

What are the differences between AAC and CLC?

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How to watch AAC Championship?

Top prospects playing

  • Houston offense vs. Cincinnati defense. The intrigue in the AAC Championship Game starts with the matchup between the Houston offense and the Cincinnati defense.
  • Clayton Tune vs. Cincinnati secondary. …
  • Cincinnati offense vs. Houston defense. …
  • Desmond Ridder vs. Houston secondary. …

What teams are in the American Athletic Conference?

  • ^ Tulsa had 18 teams compete in AAC play from 2014–16 and 17 in all other years
  • ^ UConn had 20 teams compete in AAC play from 2013–18 and 21 in all other years
  • ^ Cincinnati had 19 teams compete in AAC play from 2018–20 and 18 in all other years

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