What is an audio conference


Audio Conferencing

Conference call

A conference call is a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. The conference calls may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call, or the call may be set up so that the called party merely listens into the call and cannot speak. It is somet…

An audio conference, or teleconference


A teleconference or teleseminar is the live exchange and mass articulation of information among several persons and machines remote from one another but linked by a telecommunications system. Terms such as audio conferencing, telephone conferencing and phon…

, is when a meeting between several parties is held over the telephone instead of in person. The party instigating the audio-conference is known as the calling party and those joining the call is known as the participants.

Definition of audioconference

: a conference in which people at different locations speak to each other via telephone or Internet connections If an audioconference

A conference call is a telephone call in which someone talks to 4 or more people at the same time. The conference call may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call or set up so that the called party merely listens into the call and cannot speak.
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is scheduled, handouts or other visual materials that might be of value during the presentation should be distributed to add to the audio.—


How to have a successful audio conference?

  • What the purpose of the meeting is;
  • The objectives which need to be achieved by the end of the meeting;
  • A timed agenda;
  • Clear roles, including facilitator (or chair), timekeeper and scribe (to take down action points and record decisions made);

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How do I join an audio conference?


  • Host account is Pro or above and is subscribed to the Audio Plan add-on
  • For joining a meeting or webinar by phone: Host account allows participants to join by telephone ( Audio Type user setting)
  • For joining a scheduled meeting by phone: Host’s scheduled meeting allows participants to join by telephone ( Audio setting in schedule meeting settings)

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How to make an audio conference call?

Use Messages on your Mac

  • Open the Messages app on your Mac.
  • Select the group message.
  • Click Details.
  • Click the video or phone button to place your audio or video conference call.

How to setup audio conferencing?

Use Skype for Business admin center:

  • Proceed to Microsoft 365 admin center > Admin center > Teams > Legacy portal.
  • Choose Voice > Phone numbers.
  • Choose the phone number and tap Assign .

What is the meaning of audio conference?

Audio conferencing is where two or more people in different locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call. Audio conferencing is different from a traditional phone in in that all participants dial into a central system that connects them instead of directly dialing each other.

What is audio conferencing and example?

Definition: Synchronous voice communication via traditional telecommunications infrastructure, H. 323 videoconferencing protocol, or the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Examples: point-to-point telephone calls and bridge-mediated conference calls involving three or more participants.

What is the difference between an audio conferencing and video?

As the name suggests, audio conferencing is a conference in which participants are only able to hear each other’s voice. On the other hand, video conferencing has both audio and video. This allows the participants to see each other while communicating.

What is used in audio conference?

The devices used for audio conferencing range from individual telephones and speakerphones to specially designed room systems that include speakers, microphones, and equipment to mix the sound. The benefits for your learners of participating in an audioconferencing are as much social as they are pedagogic.

What is Zoom audio conferencing?

What is Personal Audio Conference (PAC)? Zoom PAC is an audio conferencing feature offered by Zoom. PAC lets you conduct phone-only meetings with call-in details that never change. The meeting host can manage the call through touch-tones or a simple Web interface. You can get PAC by adding it to your Zoom account.

What are the advantages of audio conference?

Advantages of Audio ConferencingAudio is flexible. Conferences that occur using audio only are much easier than facilitating a video conference. … Higher Quality Calls. … Better Security. … Greater Efficiency. … Video is Personal. … More Interactive. … Better Audio. … Team Building.

How do you use audio conference?

0:001:25MS Teams: Using Audio Conferencing – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe team’s audio conferencing feature allows you to add a regular phone number call into yourMoreThe team’s audio conferencing feature allows you to add a regular phone number call into your Microsoft team meetings. You can add phone dialing capability to online meetings or host.

What are the features of audio conferencing?

Follow the eight must-have features an audio conferencing application should have….Some conferencing platforms have editing features to refine the recorded audio.Advanced audio control features. … International call facilities. … VoIP supported calls. … PIN. … Breakout rooms. … Call scheduling feature. … Keypad functions.

What is the other term for audio conferencing?

Teleconference synonyms In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for teleconference, like: teleconferencing, videoconferences, videoconference, video conferencing, video conference, tele-conference and audio conferencing.

What are the disadvantages of audio conferencing?

Disadvantages of Audio Conferencing Studies show that effective communication is always non-verbal,yet audio conferencing is only verbal. The communication means doesn’t support visual images,so you can’t see and understand the facial expression,eye movement and body language of the attendee you are talking to.

Why would you participate in a teleconference?

The goal may be discussion of the work, a staff meeting over distance, planning, or any of the other activities that collaborators might engage in if they were physically able to meet in person. The teleconference can make collaboration over a large geographic area possible.

What are the two types of conferencing phone numbers?

There are two types of audio conferencing phone numbers that can be assigned to your conferencing bridge: Shared and Dedicated. Both types of numbers can be used by any caller to join audio meetings that are being held in your organization.

Do you need audio for a Skype meeting?

You only need to set up Audio Conferencing for people who plan to schedule or lead meetings. Meeting attendees who dial in don’t need any licenses assigned to them or other setup. After attendees have joined meeting, they can also dial out and invite other callers into a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meeting.

Can you use toll free numbers for audio conferencing?

With Audio Conferencing, your users can use toll and toll-free phone numbers to dial in to meetings. Toll (service) numbers are automatically assigned as shared audio conferencing numbers to organizations when they’re enabled for Audio Conferencing. Dedicated toll and toll-free numbers can be assigned to your organization from additional cities.

Can you change the phone number on a conferencing bridge?

You can change the phone numbers on your conferencing bridge, and you can also change other audio conferencing bridge settings. The audio conferencing bridge answers a call for people who are dialing in to a meeting using a phone.

Join Microsoft Teams meetings on the go, without an internet connection

Use a global dial-in number to join a meeting from virtually any mobile device, or dial out to help others join a meeting.​


Join the audio portion of meetings by dialing a tolled or toll-free phone number and entering a PIN.​

Get Audio Conferencing for free

Add Audio Conferencing to your Office 365 E1 or E3 plan for free for a limited time. 1 After the offer period, it’s available for $4 per user per month or as a pay-per-minute option. It’s included with Office 365 E5 and Microsoft 365 E5 plans.

Add extended dial-out to your Audio Conferencing plan

Never run out of dial-out minutes for your meetings. Provide users with virtually unlimited dial-out minutes to the United States and Canada. 2

Audio Conferencing rates

Get a detailed list of the standard subscription and pay-per-minute rates for your agreement by country or region and by currency. Communications Credits rates are for charges not included in your subscription plan. 3

Audio conferencing support and resources

Learn how to set up Audio Conferencing if you plan to schedule or lead meetings.

Ready to get started with Audio Conferencing?

1. Get Audio Conferencing for free for 12 months. Available only for net new Audio Conferencing seats (defined as seats incremental to any existing seats as of August 1, 2020) for CSP or Web Direct customers with paid subscriptions that include Teams. Available now through December 31, 2021. Available worldwide with exceptions in China and India.

What is audio conferencing?

Audio conferencing is where at least two individuals in various locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call. Audio conferencing is not quite the same as a traditional phone in that all participants dial into a central system that connects them rather than directly dialling each other.

What are the benefits of audio and video conferencing?

Benefits of Audio and Video Conferencing in Business: 1. Reduces Travel Costs: It was not that long ago when all business meetings happened face-to-face, which involved travel, expense and time. However, through audio and video conferencing an organization can save a lot of time and money. 2.

Can you do audio and video conferencing at any time?

Audio and video conferencing can be conducted at any time, so you don’t need to waste additional time sorting out the meeting as you did in past. You can easily begin an audio and video call through your PC, mobile or another device essentially, increasing effectiveness and productivity. 4. Improves Teamwork:


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