What is conferring


Conferring: to give the ownership or benefit of (something) formally or publicly. Synonyms: according, awarding, granting… Find the right word.


What does conferring mean mean?

Definition of confer intransitive verb. : to compare views or take counsel : consult. transitive verb. 1 : to bestow from or as if from a position of superiority conferred an honorary degree on her knowing how to read was a gift conferred with manhood— Murray Kempton.

What does conferring mean in education?

Conferral means that the school has officially and legally awarded you an undergraduate or graduate degree. You have fully met the academic and administrative requirements necessary to be awarded a degree, and the school has performed an audit to ensure that this is the case.

What is an example of conferred?

[+ object] : to give (something, such as a degree, award, title, right, etc.) to someone or something — usually + on or upon. The university will confer an honorary degree on the governor. The law conferred upon people over the age of 18 the right to vote.

What does conferring mean in court?

to discuss something with someone, often in order to reach a decision; to consult. The attorney conferred with her client.

What to say when conferring degrees?

To say you have a degree, you should have at least one of the following: A transcript that says “awarded” or “conferred.” Confirmation from the registrar’s office that your degree has been conferred.

Is conferral the same as graduation?

Attending the commencement ceremony does not mean that you have graduated. The conferral process is when we officially award your degree.

How do you use conferring in a sentence?

Conferring sentence exampleThe faces of those who were not conferring together were pale and perturbed. … A group of men clad in fluorescent yellow jackets are conferring up on the roof.More items…

How do you use conferred?

given formally or officially.The university conferred its highest degree on the statesman.Franklin leant over and conferred with his attorneys.He conferred with Hill and the others in his office.The teacher conferred with the principal about Dick’s promotion.The Queen conferred a knighthood on him.More items…•

What is confer synonym?

synonyms for conferadvise.argue.brainstorm.consult.huddle.negotiate.speak.bargain.More items…

What does it mean to confer authority?

transitive ​formalto give something such as authority, a legal right, or an honour to someone. The university conferred an honorary doctorate on her.

What is the purpose of the meet and confer process?

The purpose of meet and confer rules is to save the parties time and money and increase judicial economy by encouraging parties to resolve their disputes without the need for court intervention.

Choose the Right Synonym for confer

give, present, donate, bestow, confer, afford mean to convey to another as a possession. give, the general term, is applicable to any passing over of anything by any means. give alms gave her a ride on a pony give my love to your mother present carries a note of formality and ceremony.

Confer vs. Consult

Confer and consult are very closely related in meaning, and each has senses that are synonymous with the other’s. But as is so often the case with near-synonyms, there are contexts in which one word is preferable to the other.

Examples of confer in a Sentence

The cameleers … conferred with each other about the safest path across. — Greg Child, Mixed Emotions: Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child, 1993 He liked the ease and glitter of the life, and the lustre conferred on him by being a member of this group of rich and conspicuous people. — Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth, 1905

History and Etymology for confer

borrowed from Latin conferō, conferre “to bring or take, convey, bestow, bring together, unite,” from con- con- + ferō, ferre “to carry, bear” — more at bear entry 2

Kids Definition of confer

1 : bestow, present Many honors were conferred upon her at graduation.


pre·con·fer, verb (used without object), pre·con·ferred, pre·con·fer·ring. re·con·fer, verb, re·con·ferred, re·con·fer·ring.

How to use confer in a sentence

If there are any valid objections, the House and Senate withdraw to confer separately.

What is conferring?

Conferring is what takes us beyond a “chat” with students and leaves them with something to chew on. It is an informal check-in with a student or group of students. Yet, in your “teacher-mind”, it should be thought of as a slightly formal conversation.

The General Steps to Conferring with Students

Approach student or group and get to their physical level. Observe what the student is trying to do. Try to determine what the student knows and what he is thinking.

Conferring Should Be Quick

When written out, conferring looks like a lengthy, laborious process. However, most of what is written is the teacher’s thinking process. The actual conversation time with students is rather short. This allows you to continue to circulate, stopping briefly at certain students and diving in a little deeper with others.

When Do You Confer with Students?

Once teachers assign students a task, whether it is independent work, group work, or partner work, we have a tendency to focus on behavior management. This may mean circulating to make sure everyone is on task or troubleshooting squabbles amongst peers.


Conferring during Writing (The ideas in this article are great AND cross-curricular!)

What does it mean when you confer something?

When you “confer “something, it needs to have a significant impact, and it can’t be a physical object. I know you get a certificate for your degree, but that’s not your actual degree, it’s just a physical representation of it.

What does “date conferred” mean?

What does “date conferred” mean? “Date Conferred” is the date that you officially graduated. This is not the date you received your diploma certificate or the date of your graduation ceremony.

Why do employers ask for date conferred?

With jobs being so hard to get, many employers may be worried about applicants lying about having a degree. By asking for your “date conferred”, they will be able to check with your school that this information is accurate. This helps them to keep everything in check and make sure you are who you say you are.

How to find out what date you conferred?

If you wish to know what date you “conferred” from college or university, you will need to get in touch with them, either via phone or email. You will likely need to provide them with your name, student number/ID, and year of graduation.

Do you have to keep your conferred date?

Once they tell you what date you “conferred”, it will be wise to keep it written down. You won’t have to keep on emailing your old college/university every time you apply for a new job. Some universities and colleges might even allow you to find out your conferred date without having to ring or email them.


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