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The Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) has established a virtual web based meeting system for conducting Conciliation, Status and Conference Meetings. The VirtualQ Meeting system is an Application augmentation used to virtually organize, present, and control the Department’s daily Conciliation, Status and Conference online meetings.

The DIA 2022 Global Annual Meeting returns in-person to bring industry, regulators, academics, and patients together to co-create, problem-solve, and discuss global and local challenges facing professionals in the life sciences community.


What’s new at the DIA Digital conference?

The lively panel presentations, insightful Q&A sessions, and deep community exchanges you’ve come to expect will be carried on, through DIA’s digital technology. Details on how we’ll be bringing you this new digital learning and networking adventure are forthcoming.

What’s happening to the DIA Global annual meeting?

The health and safety of our entire DIA family is our top priority. We’re pleased to announce that much of the invaluable content, communication and community that defines the DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting will still go on, however, in the digital realm!

What is the value of a Dia event?

DIA events will help you stay on top of those changes. At DIA events, key stakeholders from multiple disciplines come together to share information and insights. New perspectives are explored.

What’s new at Dia 2020?

Details on how we’ll be bringing you this new digital learning and networking adventure are forthcoming. In the meantime, please save the dates of June 14-18, 2020! For more than 50 years, DIA has provided the world’s largest global, neutral stage for life science professionals to come together and address healthcare challenges.


What does Drug Information Association do?

A global, member-driven organization mobilizing life sciences and healthcare professionals. DIA’s members come together to collaborate and problem-solve, discussing global and local challenges facing the life sciences field in an increasingly more complex and interconnected world.

What does Dia stand for clinical trials?

For more than 50 years, DIA (the Drug Information Association), a non-profit association, has served as a global forum for all those involved in healthcare product development and lifecycle management to exchange knowledge and collaborate in a neutral setting.

Who does the Drug Information Association represent?

life sciences professionalsDIA (founded as the Drug Information Association) is a global association that mobilizes life sciences professionals from across all areas of expertise to engage with patients, peers, and thought leaders in a neutral environment on the issues of today and the possibilities for tomorrow.

Where will Dia 2022 be held?

Brussels, BelgiumDIA Europe 2022 – Dedicated to Advancing Health Priorities! The conference will be held on 29-31 March 2022 as a hybrid event in Brussels, Belgium.

What is DIA TMF Reference Model?

The TMF Reference Model defines standard contents, structure, terminology and metadata for the Trial Master File, essential documents which allow verification of the conduct of a clinical trial and the quality of the data generated.

What drug information is contained in the American Hospital Formulary Service drug information?

Information provided: uses (including footnoted, off-label uses common in practice), specific dosage and administration information, cautions (including breakouts for side effects, identified by organ systems; precautions and contraindications; mutagenesis and carcinogenesis information; pregnancy and lactation data), …

How do I find information on a drug?

Drugs@FDA is a Web site where you can search for official information about United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved brand name and generic drugs. It is a catalog of FDA approved drug products. The main uses of Drugs@FDA are:Finding labels for approved drug products.

DIA Vision

DIA is your essential partner in catalyzing knowledge creation and sharing to accelerate healthcare product development.

A History of Accomplishment

Starting with the controversy over the drug Thalidomide, DIA’s founders – a group of 30 pharmaceutical professionals, medical writers, and academics – came together to create a platform for necessary global communication and collaboration to solve a healthcare threat to unborn children worldwide.

Keeping You at the Forefront

The world of healthcare is constantly changing. DIA events will help you stay on top of those changes. At DIA events, key stakeholders from multiple disciplines come together to share information and insights. New perspectives are explored. Career-enhancing relationships are nurtured.

Event Catalog

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Our diverse workforce is skilled in military history and doctrine, economics, physics, chemistry, world history, political science, bio-sciences and computer sciences.


DIA has a strong legacy centered on our ability to confront and overcome challenges while maintaining our core values. Embedded in these values are the leadership principles that guide us. These principles are the driving force that keep our workforce grounded, and are represented throughout the DIA enterprise.


The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is a three-star military officer that rotates between Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines approximately every three years and is the principal adviser to the Secretary of Defense and to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on matters of military intelligence.

DIA Strategic Approach

DIA fulfills a unique role at the intersection of the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Warfighters, policymakers and acquisition leaders rely on us for foundational intelligence on foreign militaries and the operating environment that only we provide.


DIA’s activation plan was drafted by the Agency’s director designate, Lt. Gen. Joseph Carroll.

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Group Arrangements

The more the merrier. If you’re considering joining DIA with a group of 5 or more, to combine your offsite with DIA or to bring several clients, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jolijn at jolijn@digitalinsuranceagenda.com for our attractive group offers.


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