What is pretrial conference


Pretrial Conference

  • Definition of Pretrial Conference. An informal conference held at court during which the parties, their attorneys, and the judge spell out the issues of the case.
  • Purpose of Pretrial Conferences. …
  • Preparing for a Pretrial Conference Without an Attorney. …
  • Issues to be Resolved in a Pretrial Conference. …

A pretrial conference or hearing is a joint meeting between all parties – the prosecution and the defendant as well as his or her defense attorney and a judge – before a jury trial.Sep 24, 2021


What should I expect at a pre-trial conference?

In civil pre-trial conferences, the judges and lawyers may get together and:

  • Simplify some of the legal issues involved in the trial
  • Eliminate any claims or defenses that would be considered frivolous
  • Identify documents to be used as evidence
  • Identify witnesses (such as bystanders or witnesses to an accident)
  • Obtain any admissions of guilt or liability
  • Create a timetable for the submission of motions and briefs

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What the Heck happens at a pre-trial conference?

A pretrial conference is an opportunity for both attorneys and the judge to be proactive in regards to the upcoming trial. The details of the trial will be worked out, including the process of selecting a jury, how long the trial is excepted to last, and any abnormal procedures or requests.

What is a pre-trial conference and what is done?

The purpose of the pretrial conference is to assure that all parties are prepared to go on to trial, and to discuss the possibility of settling the case prior to going to trial. This conference is ordered by the court and is held in the courtroom to facilitate a face-to-face discussion.

Who can attend a pretrial conference?

Who attends a PTC? All parties must attend the PTC. If a lawyer or agent represents a party they must bring the party they represent to the PTC. Witnesses are not permitted at the Pre-Trial Conference. If an interpreter is needed, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for a qualified interpreter to attend at your expense.


What is the purpose of a pretrial conference?

It comes after a criminal defendant has been arraigned, but before the case goes to trial. The goal of the pre-trial conference is to bring the prosecutor and the defense attorney together to explore possibilities of resolving the case without going to trial.

What is the meaning of a pretrial?

Definition of pretrial : occurring or existing before a trial a pretrial hearing.

What are the matters to be considered during pre-trial?

During the pre-trial, the parties are required to: (a) mark their respective evidence if not yet marked in the judicial affidavits of their witnesses; (b) examine and make comparisons of the adverse parties’ evidence with the copies to be marked; and (c) manifest for the record, in open court, stipulations on the …

What are a defendant’s pretrial rights?

The defendant in a criminal cause has the right to a speedy public trial, to compel attendance of witnesses in the defendant’s behalf, to have the assistance of counsel for the defendant’s defense, to be personally present with counsel, and to be confronted with the witnesses against the defendant.

What is the trial stage?

Trial Stage – seating of the jury, testimony on behalf of the plaintiffs and testimony on behalf of the defendants. Post Trial – concluding arguments, judge’s charge to the jury, jury deliberations, announcement of judgment, motions for new trial or appeal.

What is the meaning of trial in court?

the hearing of statements and showing of objects, etc. in a law court to judge if a person is guilty of a crime or to decide a case or a legal matter: trial proceedings.

What is pre-trial process in South Africa?

The pre-trial stage is subdivided in the pleading, discovery and preparation for trial stages. The trial, in turn, is a continuous process which is characterised by the immediate (direct) and, mainly, oral presentation of evidence. origin whereas its civil procedural law is mainly of common law origin.

What does it mean to prosecute a case?

prosecution. n. 1) in criminal law, the government attorney charging and trying the case against a person accused of a crime. 2) a common term for the government’s side in a criminal case, as in “the prosecution will present five witnesses” or “the prosecution rests” (has completed its case).

Why is it important to have a game plan for a pretrial conference?

Because one of the purposes of the pretrial conference is to determine whether the matter can be settled without going to trial, it is important to have a game plan. How much it is likely to cost to continue to trial versus what it will cost to settle at the pretrial conference is a vital consideration for both parties.

What is a pretrial motion?

Pretrial motions – any motions to be determined prior to trial, such as barring certain witnesses, suppressing evidence, or a motion for summary judgment. Follow up on outstanding discovery – discovery requested by either party to which no response has been provided.

What documents should be brought to a pretrial conference?

Documents that should be brought to the pretrial conference include the original Summons and Complaint, the Answer, copies of any motions or other legal documents received from the court or from the opposition, and any other documents pertinent to the case. No witnesses or actual physical evidence should be brought to the conference.

What is a court conference?

Noun. An informal conference held at court during which the parties, their attorneys, and the judge spell out the issues of the case. Often the judge encourages the parties to work toward a settlement in a civil lawsuit.

What are the issues brought up at a conference?

Issues brought up at the conference may include: Triable issues – any issues or facts that remain in dispute. Issues not in dispute – any issues or facts that have been agreed to by the parties. What witnesses will be presented – a list of all witnesses each party intends to have testify.

What is included in a criminal pre trial conference?

This will include the police report, a list of the defendant’s prior offenses, if any, and any other evidence the prosecution intends to introduce.

What to expect at a pre trial?

What to Expect at a Criminal Pre-Trial Conference. A pre-trial conference is a critical step in any criminal case. It comes after a criminal defendant has been arraigned, but before the case goes to trial. The goal of the pre-trial conference is to bring the prosecutor and the defense attorney together to explore possibilities …

How to evaluate the possibility of resolving a case without going to trial?

To realistically evaluate the possibilities of resolving the case without going to trial, both the prosecutor and the defense attorney need to have a good understanding of what the defendant is accused of and the evidence that the prosecutor will use to try to convict the defendant. To realistically evaluate the possibilities …

What is plea bargaining?

A plea bargain generally involves the defendant agreeing to plead guilty or no contest to an offense that is less severe than what they were charged with. Most people see plea bargaining as benefiting everyone involved: the prosecutor gets a conviction, albeit for a lesser charge, and the defendant receives a charge and sentence that is less severe than what they were originally facing and will have less of an impact on their life and their future.

Can a criminal case have multiple pre-trial conferences?

A criminal case can have multiple pre-trial conferences. At the first pre-trial conference, the defense attorney will review the prosecutor’s file. The defense may wish to file pre-trial motions seeking to exclude some or all of the evidence on Constitutional grounds, or because the evidence is irrelevant or unfairly prejudicial to the defendant.

What is a pre-trial conference?

As the term ‘pre-trial conference’ suggests, it is a meeting of parties involved in a lawsuit before a trial. A pre-trial conference can be requested by either the defendant or the plaintiff, or if needed the court can also order it to see whether the parties are ready for the trial. There could be several reasons for a pre-trial conference.

How should you prepare for the pre-trial conference?

Before you choose to go for a trial, you should consider the following matters that you may go through during a pre-trial conference:

What should you expect to happen in a pre-trial conference?

The purpose of the pre-trial conference is scheduled to see if the defendant and the plaintiff are ready for the trial. If you are facing criminal charges, then you should attend the pre-trial conference along with the prosecution, who may be represented by the prosecuting office i.e. DPP – Deputy Public Prosecutor.

Why is a pretrial hearing important?

Your pretrial hearing is as important as the trial itself. In some ways, it may be more important. It is actually an opportunity to settle the case before going to trial. In some cases, there simply is not enough of a foundation to require the case move forward to trial. In others, substantiated technicalities may be enough to have …

What happens at a pre-trial hearing?

Pretrial Hearing. If you have been charged with a crime, you might assume that the trial itself will have the most impact on your future. While the trial itself is a critical process, the actual outcome is often decided long before you set foot in front of a jury.

Can a judge decide if there is fair cause for a trial?

The judge can determine if there is fair cause for a trial. Plaintiffs can enter plea agreements. Note that the pretrial hearing does not revolve around guilt or innocence, but the hearing does bear directly on the outcome of your case. It is essential that you attend a pretrial hearing with an experienced criminal defense attorney …

What is a final pretrial conference?

The court may hold a final pretrial conference to formulate a trial plan, including a plan to facilitate the admission of evidence. The conference must be held as close to the start of trial as is reasonable, and must be attended by at least one attorney who will conduct the trial for each party and by any unrepresented party.

How does pretrial conference improve the quality of justice?

For example, there is evidence that pretrial conferences may improve the quality of justice rendered in the federal courts by sharpening the preparation and presentation of cases, tending to eliminate trial surprise , and improving, as well as facilitating, the settlement process.

What is the rule for scheduling conference?

If a scheduling conference is not arranged within that time and the case is not exempted by local rule, a scheduling order must be issued under Rule 16 (b), after some communication with the parties, which may be by telephone or mail rather than in person.

Why are settlement conferences not mandatory?

The rule does not make settlement conferences mandatory because they would be a waste of time in many cases.

Who is responsible for drafting a pretrial order?

Many local rules make the plaintiff’s attorney responsible for drafting a proposed pretrial order, either before or after the conference. Others allow the court to appoint any of the attorneys to perform the task, and others leave it to the court.

Is a scheduling conference required?

As under the prior rule, while a scheduling order is mandated, a scheduling conference is not . However, in view of the benefits to be derived from the litigants and a judicial officer meeting in person, a Rule 16 (b) conference should, to the extent practicable, be held in all cases that will involve discovery.

Can a court modify a pretrial order?

The court may modify the order issued after a final pretrial conference only to prevent manifest injustice. (f) Sanctions. (1) In General. On motion or on its own, the court may issue any just orders, including those authorized by Rule 37 (b) (2) (A) (ii) – (vii), if a party or its attorney:


Definition of Pretrial Conference

  • Noun
    1. An informal conference held at court during which the parties, their attorneys, and the judge spell out the issues of the case. Often the judge encourages the parties to work toward a settlement in a civil lawsuit.

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Purpose of Pretrial Conferences

  • Pretrial conferences serve a variety of purposes, most of which further the goal of efficiently managing the case at hand. Such purposes include: 1. Expediting case disposition 2. Establishing effective case management 3. Facilitating settlement of the case without the need for a trial 4. Improving trial quality and efficiency through preparation 5. Discouraging wasteful and unproductive pretrial activities

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Preparing For A Pretrial Conference Without An Attorney

  • It is not required that a person, whether a plaintiff or defendant, hire an attorney to represent them in their court case. In fact, many people choose to represent themselves in civil lawsuits. It is vital that an individual representing himself prepare for trial early, organizing his case even before the pretrial conference. The judge at the conference will question the parties about the number of witnesses they plan on calling, what evidence is to …

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Issues to Be Resolved in A Pretrial Conference

  • During the pretrial conference, a number of issues will be reviewed to determine how the trial should proceed, as well as whether there are some issues that do not need to be tried. Issues brought up at the conference may include: 1. Triable issues– any issues or facts that remain in dispute 2. Issues not in dispute– any issues or facts that have been agreed to by the parties 3. What witnesses will be presented– a list of all witnesses each party int…

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  1. Frivolous– Something of little importance, or which has no sound basis in fact or law.
  2. Summary Judgment– A final decision on the case, handed down by the judge on the basis of the statements and evidence presented, without a full trial.
  3. Expert Witness– A witness possessing training, education, skill, or experience in a specific subject, that is beyond that of the average person, who is allowed to give an opinion at trial.

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