What peripherals would you need to host a video conference


Top 5 Video Conferencing Devices

  1. Video Capture Device. The cameras used for video conferencing come with a number of features. …
  2. Audio Capture Device. The most important devices for video conferencing is the audio capture device. …
  3. Suitable Software. …
  4. Cloud Facility. …
  5. Conferencing Control Unit. …
Here are four essential pieces of equipment you need to host a video conference.
  • Camera/webcam. Most laptops and desktops now come with built-in cameras. …
  • Microphone. You’ll need a microphone to make sure everyone in the video conference can hear you. …
  • Internet connection. …
  • Video conferencing software/app.
Apr 8, 2020


What equipment do you need for video conferencing?

Here are the basic pieces of video conferencing equipment you’ll need for the meeting room. 1. Video conferencing system The best quality video calls start with a great video conferencing camera system.

What are the features of a video conferencing session?

A video conferencing session encompasses several featured components that will make every meeting success. Varying from a display to content sharing to interoperability to a flawless VC layout- everything is important. To know more in detail- here is the Video Conferencing Solutions: The Definitive Guide (A to Z) in 2019 for your help.

What makes a good conference phone for video meetings?

Conference phones purpose-built for video will feature echo cancellation, automatic gain control and automatic noise reduction to give meeting room participants crystal clear audio. For ultra-large meeting rooms, microphone extensions can be added to extend the reach of the mic array.

What are the minimum system requirements for video conferencing?

For today’s modern video conferencing, your computer should have a minimum 2 GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. 3. Sufficient network bandwidth Get stories like this in your inbox.


How does video conferencing improve internal communication?

With the right video conferencing infrastructure, your manufacturing company can improve internal communications. 1. A Fast, Reliable Internet Connection. As technology advances, your internet connection must keep pace. Using HD video creates a sharper image, which is useful when conducting training on new products or machinery, …

Why is HD video important?

Using HD video creates a sharper image, which is useful when conducting training on new products or machinery, or troubleshooting an issue with a client or supplier. HD video requires more bandwidth, however, than standard video streaming, so ensure your internet connection can handle the extra load. You need at least 5 megabits per second …

What is video conferencing?

In its simplest form, video conferencing is an online meeting between two parties where each party has visibility to the other and can listen and interact with them in real time. Video conferencing can happen in two ways; either point-to-point, or multi-point communication. Point-to-point video-enabled meetings are when one person …

Why is video conferencing important?

Essential for collaboration between partners, customers and colleagues ; the technology has quickly grown from its early adopter stage to today’s form of mass market dissemination.

Why do you need a second display for video conferencing?

Depending on how you want to use your video conferencing system, your integrator may recommend a second display to allow for content sharing while still viewing far-end participants. The camera allows the group you are communicating with to see your team.

What is a codec in a conference room?

This can be incorporated into a single piece of hardware or stand-alone technologies for large conference rooms. A Codec (compression/de-compression device) takes audio or video feed, compresses and transmits the data over a network. The Codec can be a piece of hardware or software depending on use and compatibility.

What is a codec in AV?

The Codec can be a piece of hardware or software depending on use and compatibility. Again, your AV integrator can discuss options, pros and cons of different platforms and provide a recommendation that aligns with your business needs. Last is the control panel, which controls the room.

Why is video conferencing important?

Video conferencing software can help facilitate this communication, but for those employees who are still working in your physical office location, communicating with those who aren’t, finding the best video conferencing equipment is just as important for keeping your team connected, loud and clear.

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Is PTZOptics video conferencing?

PTZOptics is certainly a unique option for video conferencing equipment, but if you have the expertise to take advantage of all the customizability, you could seriously improve the quality of your meetings.

Is there an international fee for video conferencing?

That’s the best part about web and video conferencing: no international fees. As long as you’re calling someone at the right time of day (don’t forget time zones), you’ll be able to communicate with anyone around the world with video conferencing software.

Is Cisco WebEx a good company?

As one of the most recog nizable companies in the world, it’s safe to say Cisco Webex is a good call when it comes to finding the best video conferencing equipment. Plus, as one of the few brands on this list with its own video conferencing software, you can expect seamless performance from its hardware and software.

What is the best combination to show the difference between the background and the person?

It allows the person to display an image or the video as the conferencing background during a meeting. And, the green screen with the uniform lighting appears to be the best combination that easily detects the difference between the person and the background.

What is integration in VC?

So, to enhance the reach and access multiple applications, “integration” is a beneficial add-on that offers collaboration with a myriad of applications, like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Polycom or Cisco, calendar, etc.

Do video rooms have Microsoft Teams?

Recommended: Yes (A must-have feature for better meeting experience) Organizations worldwide have video rooms comprised of various technologies. Some rooms have Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize hardware/cloud-based licenses, while others use Microsoft Teams as VC. And, there are the hosts of other OEMs, which provide room system endpoint.

Does speaker tracking work in a meeting?

Speaker Tracking. Recommended: Yes (A must-have feature for better meeting experience) During a meeting, it makes more sense when the focus is on the speaker to the faraway attendees so that everyone can see his/her body language/emotions.

Can you remotely manage a VC?

Remote Management/Central Management. Recommended: Yes (If you have multiple units of VC or want to configure system remotely) Its main provision is to manage remote/central location to update software or change settings without the hassle of walking from room to room. 7. Camera Resolution.


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