What to do in parent teacher conference


A parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to:

  • share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments
  • learn from parents or guardians so you can be better informed about students’ strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles
  • discuss enrichment or intervention strategies to support students’ learning

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Here are eight tips to help you conduct masterful, action-oriented parent-teacher meetings.
  • Be Proactive. …
  • Be Welcoming. …
  • Explain Objectives and Expectations. …
  • Be Prepared. …
  • Create an Action Plan. …
  • Use the Good-Bad-Good Sandwich. …
  • Don’t Tolerate Abuse. …
  • Keep Lines of Communication Open.


How to have a successful parent teacher conference?

Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Come Prepared. Teachers should have examples of student work available for reference at every parent-teacher conference.
  • Be Prepared for Upset Parents. Every teacher will face an angry parent at some point. …
  • Think About the Room Setup. …
  • Begin and End on a Positive Note. …
  • Be Attentive. …
  • Avoid Eduspeak. …

How to plan a productive parent teacher conference?

Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Think About the Room Setup. Teachers should position themselves close to parents for comfort and engagement during conferences. …
  • Begin and End on a Positive Note. Teachers should begin and end every conference with a compliment or (true) anecdote about a student’s strength.
  • Be Attentive. …
  • Avoid Eduspeak. …

How will you approach Parent Teacher Conferences?

Try This New Approach

  • Praise the Teacher. Everyone responds well to positive feedback, especially when what they often hear is criticism. …
  • Prevent Surprises at the Parent-Teacher Conference. Finding a connection with your child’s teacher through the use of authentic praise will help you feel more confident when bringing up concerns to …
  • Plan Ahead for the Conference. …

What do you expect from parent/teacher conferences?

A parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to:

  • share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments
  • learn from parents or guardians so you can be better informed about students’ strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles
  • discuss enrichment or intervention strategies to support students’ learning

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What do you talk about at a parent-teacher conference?

Make a list of topics that you want to discuss with the teacher and that you think the teacher should know, such as your concerns about the school, the child’s home life, any major changes in your family, habits, hobbies, part-time jobs, religious holidays, or anything that is worrying your child.

What should you not do at a parent-teacher conference?

10 Things Not to Say at a Parent Teacher Conference“We don’t read at home.”“I have to help him with everything.” … “He doesn’t like school.” … “He doesn’t do well with a _____ teacher.” … “All you have to do is just call me.” … “He never acts this way at home.” … “I always believe my child.” … “There’s nothing else I can do.” … More items…•

What should a teacher do during a parent-teacher conference?

A parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to: share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments. learn from parents or guardians so you can be better informed about students’ strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles.

How do I get the most out of parent-teacher conference?

Try these simple tips to make the most of your parent-teacher conferences:Write down your questions before the meeting. … Prioritize. … Ask for explanations. … If there’s time, ask for an edtech demonstration. … Clarify the stakes. … Identify concerns and successes you see at home. … Ask for your child’s input.

What questions should I ask at parent-teacher conference?

Let’s explore the types of questions you should ask at a parent-teacher conference….Questions About CommunicationWhat is the best way to contact you? … Can I tell you more about my student?Can I tell you more about what’s going on at home?How can I stay informed of school programs and my student’s success?More items…•

Should I bring my child to parent-teacher conference?

Do not bring your child to the conference unless you have discussed it first with the teacher and it has been approved. Though there are times when it is appropriate for children to be included in discussions with teachers, unless it has been planned as such a meeting, you should make other child care arrangements.

What should be discussed in parents meeting?

Tips to Prepare for a Parent-teacher MeetingAn overview of your child’s work and his coping skills.Your child’s conduct in class and with their social skills with peers.Areas of improvement for your child and your involvement in making those changes.

What do you say at the end of a parent teacher conference?

Most parents are willing to share any suggestions or feedback. This ends the parent-teacher conference on a positive note, because you took the time to address their concerns. This is a great way to let parents know that you are an open door, and willing to work with them for the success of their child.

What parents should say at parent teacher conferences?

Parent-Teacher Conference ChecklistsAsk your child how she feels about school.Ask your child if there is anything that he wants you to talk about with his teacher.Tell your child that you and the teacher are meeting to help her.Make a list of topics that you want to talk about with the teacher.More items…

How should you always begin a parent-teacher conference?

Always start the conference with positive comments. Parents are often anxious about what teachers will say about their child, so start the conference with positive comments to show parents that you recognize their child’s strengths.

How do you say something nice about a student?

Fifty Ways to Praise Your StudentsGood.You’ve got it right.That’s right.Super.That’s good.You’re really working hard today.You are very good at that.That’s coming along nicely.More items…

What is parent teacher conference?

A parent-teacher conference is a face-to-face meeting between one teacher and one or both parents (or guardians) of a student. It is an opportunity to discuss a student’s academic progress and social behavior. Many schools schedule these in both the fall and spring. If there’s one part of the school year that strikes fear into the heart …

Why are parent-teacher conferences important?

Nevertheless, parent-teacher conferences are a wonderful opportunity to extend lines of communication between home and school, keep parents informed about their children’s

What is a teacher’s desk called?

A teacher’s desk is sometimes referred to as “power furniture, ” and it tends to inhibit conversation and makes many parents uncomfortable (perhaps a throwback to their days as a student). Instead, conduct your conferences at a table.

What should a parent-teacher conference include?

The teacher should have examples of your child’s schoolwork, any relevant test scores, and observations of the child’s class participation, academic work, and social growth to share with you. As a parent, it’s helpful to prepare some questions for the teacher conference about anything …

Why do you need a parent-teacher conference?

You can ask for a special parent-teacher conference if you have concerns about your child’s progress. You might want to request a teacher conference if you aren’t getting enough information about your child’s education through notes, emails and returned class work from the teacher.

How long does a child’s teacher have to meet with parents?

Your child’s teacher has to meet with every parent in one day. Some schools split the time up and offer afternoon conferences and evening ones. Time spent per child’s guardians is usually limited to 10 to 15 minutes so be respectful of other people’s time and keep the conversation to the point.

What to discuss in parent teacher conferences?

Some information to discuss in parent-teacher conferences may include your child’s medical needs. For example, this is a great time to share that your child wears eyeglasses during reading time. Additionally, weather seating up front is necessary to avoid distractions. This may also include behavior concerns that have happened in the past …

When do parents and teachers meet for parent conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are an important part of education. In most school districts, the first parent-teacher conferences begin sometime in October. Conferences allow teachers and parents to discuss a student’s educational strengths and needs.

What to do if your child has learning difficulties?

If your child has learning difficulties that require documented accommodations make sure to bring a list with you. Some students may have an individual education plan that provides specific accommodations in the learning environment. This may include reading aloud or extended testing time.

What does a teacher share about a student’s school experience?

Teachers share what a student’s school experience is like during class and how students do on a regular basis. This may include behavior information and peer relations. In-class work also discusses student work samples. At this point, parents may get a glimpse of the school work their child completes in class.

Why do teachers post grades?

Some teachers post grades more often when they know parents are checking and interested in their child’s progress. Make frequent checks of grading part of your action plan. Parent-teacher conferences allow teachers and parents to connect and work together to support a child’s education.

When are parent teacher conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are usually stacked in an evening after school. Before you there will be a conference with another set of parents. After you, another parent wants her one-to-one time with the teacher. If you’re late, you will be interrupting all the other parents.

How many parent teacher conferences go smoothly?

Parents, keep this in mind: 90% of parent-teacher conferences go smoothly and happily. The teacher will show you some lovely bits of progress your child has made, you’ll discuss one or two small things the teacher is currently concerned about, and you will thank each other for your time.

How to help a child with a clash?

1. Get in a Team Mindset. A child needs a team behind them. All the team members need to push in the right direction, provide support, care and a united approach. Many members of the “parent-teacher team” clash. It’s inevitable. But if you have a clash, approach it as a hurdle to be overcome together.

What are parents looking for?

I’ve been on the teacher side of the conference table for over 25 years and on the parent side of the table for 15 years. I can have noticed that parents want to know that

What should I show parents at conferences?

Of course, parent teacher conferences are a time to tell a parent about their child’s learning. But, this learning is easier to understand when you also have things to show parents – plus, it takes parents’ eyes off you for a while!

What should I say to parents?

Win parents over by starting with something positive about their child – tell a little story or describe a trait you love about their child.

What to say at parent teacher conferences?

To help prepare for what to say at parent teacher conferences, you might fill out a little sheet for each child, highlighting their growth in literacy, math, and social/emotional learning. Think about each “content area” and ways the child has grown (or strengths) in each area. Then think of one or two next steps based on the child’s current performance. (These comments may be similar for a number of students – but tailoring them to individuals a bit is another way to show parents you know their child.)

How did Leo improve in kindergarten?

Leo has improved SO much in his writing. When kindergarten started he was able to write his name on the paper, draw a picture and write the word “I,” to start his sentence about what he did. But just look at this story! After he finished drawing, he wrote “I WT to BsBLGM.” (I went to the baseball game.)

Why is it important to prepare for parent teacher conferences?

When preparing for parent-teacher conferences, it helps to understand the positive aspects of the meeting for parents. First and foremost, it’s an opportunity to celebrate their child; second, conferences help parents to feel more connected to the teacher and the school community and third, it’s a chance to recognize that everyone has strengths …

Do parents know their kids?

Though you may know their child well as a student, the parents have known them their whole life. You need their support just as much as they need yours. Don’t be afraid to ask what works for them at home or if they have any insight on their child regarding a certain behavior/situation.

Can parents hear reflections on iPad?

Students can also record their responses on an iPad explaining each learning zone, which allows parents to hear the reflection directly from their child. Obviously, each grade level will look slightly different, but teachers can go simple and it will still be meaningful for both students and parents.


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