What to wear to an academic conference


  • The basic rule: a bit smarter than usual. The norms around dress in academia can vary wildly between fields – in fields like law or business, for example, it’s common …
  • A go-to conference outfit. If you’re unsure what to wear, then you can’t go wrong with a simple outfit of dress trousers in a black, navy, or khaki colour, and …
  • Making your outfit your own. If you enjoy interesting fashion, or if you’re just bored of everyone wearing the same thing to conferences, then you can adjust your outfit to …
  • Consider climate-appropriate clothing. Where in the world is the conference that you’re travelling to? Check what the local weather conditions are likely to be and adjust your clothing accordingly.
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The dress code in most academic events (conferences included) is often called “academic casual”, and is not very strict. If you want to be sure to avoid any gaffe, just stay away from the short pants and T-shirts (overly casual), as well as full suits and ties (overdressed).Aug 3, 2013


What do I wear to an academic conference?

Women’s Attire

  • Men’s Conference Attire Do’s and Don’ts
  • Do dress smarter than you typically do. Unless you always wear a suit and tie to work, there’s likely room for improvement. …
  • Don’t forget shoes and accessories. For some men, shoes and accessories are never anything more than an afterthought. …
  • Do stick with go-to colors when in doubt. …

What should I wear at the convention?

What should I wear at the convention? Attendees usually wear business casual at the convention. Presenters generally wear professional business attire. Remember, meeting rooms in hotels can be chilly, so dressing in layers is encouraged. The air conditioning is usually on high in anticipation of full meeting rooms. Back to questions.

What to wear in a cold conference room?

  • Install equipment to reduce drafts and condensation
  • Encourage employees to change out of wet clothes
  • Consider having employees wear thinner, fingertip-less liner gloves underneath the required plastic gloves; implement a replacement schedule for gloves and other PPE
  • Rotate employees between warmer and colder areas throughout the workday

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What to wear to a networking meeting?

7 Things You MUST Bring to a Networking Event

  1. Professional attire is a must for a networking event. When you look good, you feel good. …
  2. Organize your networking materials in one place. Get organized! …
  3. Don’t forget lots and lots of business cards. …
  4. Grab your company’s promotional materials. …
  5. Bring a curious and positive attitude. …
  6. Prepare engaging questions to initiate meaningful conversations. …

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What should a woman wear to an academic conference?

For women, it can be a bit of a challenge to know what to wear to an academic conference. In some disciplines, it would be expected for everyone to wear a suit, but for most academic conferences a business-casual look is appropriate.

What should I bring to an academic conference?

Bring food, water and a good book Having small snacks to hand will help keep your energy (and enthusiasm!) lasting all day. Even if you’ve done everything right, leaving yourself some time for lunch and making sure you know where to get refreshments, things might not necessarily work out.

What do you wear to a university presentation?

“When dressing for a presentation, it’s important to wear something you’re comfortable in, and something that makes you feel confident,” says McGoodwin. In a formal setting, she recommends a full suit. “I’d recommend going with a fitted black or navy suit, comfortable heel, and classic hair.”

What should I wear to an online conference?

Dressing for Virtual Meetings: 10 Tips You NeedWear color. … Clothes with lots of stretch. … Accessorize on top (but lose chunky, loud bracelets) … Use the Zoom shoulder. … Keep makeup and hair touchups within reach. … Opt for form-fitting tops. … Large patterns are better than small ones. … A-line dresses and skirts are your friend.More items…•

What is the dress code for conferences?

The dress code will likely specify whether you should wear clothes that are business casual (professional workwear, i.e. a button-down and dress pants), smart casual (a mix of informal and work-appropriate attire, i.e. high-quality jeans and a blazer) or formal (occasion wear, i.e. a suit and tie).

How do you prepare for an academic conference 10 essentials?

4:4321:06How to Prepare for an Academic Conference | 10 Essential TipsYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSense of who’s going to be there tip number two is to actually get in touch with any of theseMoreSense of who’s going to be there tip number two is to actually get in touch with any of these speakers. That you may want to see.

How should a woman dress for a presentation?

2:193:43What to Wear When Presenting – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo it’s a good idea for you to have a finishing layer that you can easily remove in case you get hotMoreSo it’s a good idea for you to have a finishing layer that you can easily remove in case you get hot finishing layers are things like a cardigan or a blazer.

Should I dress up for a college presentation?

Class presentations are a great time to test out some business casual outfits. They aren’t exactly formal (so you don’t need to go ultra conservative), but you should dress up like you’re going to an interview for a creative job or a business meeting somewhere relatively casual.

What should a woman wear to a college presentation?

Avoid clothing items that require constant adjusting, and go with something simple like a collared blouse: It’s the right level of formality for most events without seeming overdressed.

What color looks best on a Zoom call?

The best colors to wear are bold, bright solid colors that contrast to your background. They are the reds, fuchsia, blighter blues, turquoise, teal, and purples. Small to medium size patterns are OK if you sit against a plain background.

What tops look best on Zoom?

Bold patterns and prints also work well on camera, the stylist says, noting that bold stripes draw attention to the wearer in a good way. For the most attractive clothing shape for video, choose form-fitting tops and sweaters, Olson says.

Should you dress up for a zoom meeting?

Dress Down Without Being Too Casual The unofficial video-conference dress code says that it’s not necessary to look quite as formal as you would in person. Your clients and colleagues know you’re working from home, and understand that an element of comfort is to be expected given the environment.

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