What was the purpose of the conference of berlin


Known as The Berlin Conference, they sought to discuss the partitioning of Africa, establishing rules to amicably divide resources among the Western countries at the expense of the African people. Of these fourteen nations at the Berlin Conference, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Portugal were the major players.Apr 13, 2017

What was the purpose of Berlin Conference quizlet?

The Berlin Conference was intended to reduce the conflict between European Nations and discard the slave trade, but ultimately divided up Africa to the European Nations.

What was the main purpose of the Berlin Conference of 1884 85 quizlet?

what was the purpose of Berlin Conference (1884-1885)? Purpose was to set rules for establishing colonies in Africa among European nations.

What decisions were made in the Berlin Conference?

Berlin Conference of 1884–1885 Meeting at which the major European powers negotiated and formalized claims to territory in Africa; also called the Berlin West Africa Conference.

What are the effects of the Berlin Conference?

It established the rules for the conquest and partition of Africa, in the process legitimising the ideas of Africa as a playground for outsiders, its mineral wealth as a resource for the outside world not for Africans and its fate as a matter not to be left to Africans.

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