When is logan paul vs mayweather press conference


May 6, 2021


When is the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul post-fight press conference?

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. The post-fight press conference featuring boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul follows the event produced live on pay-per-view from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL on Sunday June 6, which makes it Monday June 7 in Australia.

Where can I watch the Mayweather vs Paul video?

The video is available up top (via Showtime Boxing channel on YouTube). Get Mayweather vs Paul results and updates. Want to Support? You can support FIGHTMAG with a contribution of any size.

How much did Paul have to pay for his Floyd Mayweather fight?

The YouTube star shared the ring with Mayweather last year and managed to survive the eight-round distance against the undefeated boxing legend. Mayweather was expected to have earned £52million with his counterpart pocketing £15million, but Paul has frequently alleged he has yet to be paid his full fight purse.

Why did Paul Paul call Mayweather a ‘rat’?

Paul has frequently battled with Mayweather over payment for the fight. He first came out after the fight to claim he hasn’t been paid his full fight purse. He later doubled down on this claim by branding the boxing legend a “rat” and confirming his intentions to take legal action to receive his planned earnings.


What time is the Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather press conference?

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is edging closer – and the undercard fighters will go head to head at a press conference from 4pm on a live stream. The all-time boxing great and the social media superstar clash inside the ring on Sunday at midnight, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Is Logan Paul going to fight Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he’s confident his exhibition boxing match against YouTube star Logan Paul, which was scheduled for Saturday before being postponed, will eventually take place. “I know it’s going to happen,” Mayweather told TMZ Sports on Thursday night.

What time is Mayweather v Logan Paul Main Event?

8 p.m. ETThe Mayweather vs. Paul main card begins at 8 p.m. ET.

Who is Mayweather fighting in 2021?

Logan PaulFloyd Mayweather will fight Logan Paul in February 2021 match.

Is Jake Paul allowed to fight Floyd Mayweather?

Jake Paul is not banned from his brother Logan Paul’s fight with Floyd Mayweather on Sunday, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe has confirmed. The younger of the Paul brothers stole the show at the press conference last month, sparking a brawl after he stole Floyd’s hat.

Who Won Mayweather vs Logan Paul time?

While there were no official scorecards, many boxing analysts, experts and even other fighters shared their own takes and versions of scorecards for the fight. Boxing analyst Dan Rafael shared that Floyd Mayweather lost rounds 1 and 2 but went on to dominate the rest of the fight with ease.

How much did Floyd Mayweather make against Logan Paul?

In June 2021, Floyd Mayweather held an exhibition fight against Logan Paul. It was agreed before the bout that the YouTuber would receive $14 million, a figure that has still not been paid by the legendary American boxer.

When is Floyd Mayweather going to fight Logan Paul?

Mayweather is booked to fight Logan Paul at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 6 and the pair faced off for the first time at the venue. Texas Football: 3 Big 12 teams that would hurt most void of Horns and OU, and other top stories from July 23, 2021.

Did Floyd Mayweather threaten Jake Paul?

Mayweather could be heard threatening to kill Jake Paul and accusing the 24-year-old of being disrespectful. Logan Paul was unable to join the fracas, held back by security no doubt conscious of the fight-canceling potential of the situation.


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